Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Aura White Gluta Collagen 400,000 mg Review

I had always had this weakness whenever a product claims to be able to diminish, tightens or even make pores disappear. My sister said it has been my downfall every time without fail. So, when the latest hype of collagen drink washes over the country, I too succumb to the advertisement and testimonial pictures pasted all over the internet. ("^_^ )

The "in" thing currently that had almost all women in the country logging on to their online bank accounts to do some bank transfer is Aura White Gluta Collagen 400,000 mg. It claims to be able to solve most skin problems as early as 7 days and if continuously consumed, your skin would dramatically improve.

Product Description:
Aura White Pure GlutaCollagen 400,000mg is an innovative and result proven beauty supplement for your skin.It can transform your skin in just 7 days! It naturally transform your skin without painful injections, botox or expensive laser treatments. You will see the difference from 7 - 14 days onwards. It is made in Malaysia.

Aura White Pure GlutaCollagen 400,000mg contains all natural ingredients combined with a breakthrough technology to improve your skin and many other health conditions from inside out. It contains 400,000 mg (very high dosage of collagen and gluta) compared to other beauty supplements in the market therefore making it the most efficient in showing results.

It is recommended for those with saggy skin, dull skin, uneven skin surface, no glow, pimples, skin discolouration, pigmentation, scars, acne scars, dark skin and eczema.

Benefits of Aura White Pure GlutaCollagen 400,000mg

1. Beautiful Skin (Fair & Glowing)
Formulated with the latest technology from Japan using all natural ingredients such as Tilapia Collagen, L-Glutathione, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Tomato Stem Cell, Apple Stem Cell, Rosella Stem Cell, Strawberry, Maqui berry, Billberry, Papaya, Lemon, Sweet Turnip and Mixed Berries. This formula of combined ingredients work 3 times harder on whitening of skin, repairing damaged skin structure due to pimples and acnes, dry skin and pigmentation problems resulting in fairer, softer, translucent looking skin. This product is suitable for men and women.

2. Beautiful Hair and Nails
Collagen helps with the health of hair and nails. With 400,000mg dose of Collagen & Gluta contained in a bottle of Aura White Gluta Collagen, it is only natural that the health of your hair and nails improve together with your skin. It also improves the calcium intake beneficial to your body for stronger bones & nails.

3. More Energy
Improves energy level and REDUCES JOINT and MUSCLE pain. Collagen in between joints are lost as we get older. Aura White Pure GlutaCollagen 400,000mg replenishes vital collagen levels in your body.

4. Internal Health
The 3 stem cells formulation improves immunity system, fights free radicals and replenishes old cells with new cells.

Directions of Consumption:
Mix 2 scoops of Aura White Pure GlutaCollagen 400,000mg with 120 ml room temperature plain water (measure with the free shaker provided). SHAKE SHAKE & DRINK (taste like berry flavour).
Do Not Use Hot Water! (It'll destroy nutrients).
Consume TWICE daily. For best result, drink once in the MORNING (30 minutes before eating) and once at NIGHT before sleep.

Packaging: Aura White comes in a white plastic tub weighing 500 gm. It has a screw on lid and a large plastic stopper to ensure that the contents does not spill out of the tub upon opening. It comes with a scoop and a shaker.
The set I received.
The screw lid and the stopper.
The scoop.

Ingredients: Hydrolized tilapia collagen peptide, L-Glutathione, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Tomato Stem Cell, Apple Stem Cell, Rosella Stem Cell, Maquiberry, Strawberry, Billberry, Papaya, Lemon, Sweet Turnip & Mixed Berries.

Texture: Aura White is a finely milled powder form of collagen mix. The fine powder dissolves completely when shaken/mixed thoroughly with water turning the snowy fine powder into a berry coloured drink.

Smell/Taste: When in powder form, Aura White has this sweet berry smell which is very pleasant. When it has turned into liquid, the sweet berry smell is no longer there but is replaced with a sourish scent. As for the taste, it has a sourish berry taste without any sweetness. Sort of like Ribena without any sugar. It does not leave any bitter or weird after taste. At first I didn't like the taste but after a few days I grew to get accustomed to it and now I kind of like it.

My Current Conclusion
So far I have consumed Aura White for 1 week only and have yet to see any skin improvement. Some testimonies claim that changes can be seen as soon as 7 days and some says in 14 days. So far I haven't seen any changes in my skin texture. The good news is that this supplement does not leave any unwanted side effects (i.e: pimples, drying, itchiness, etc) on me so far and I am thankful for that. I will continue to take Aura White and hope that this will really work wonders on my skin. I will be considering to repurchase this. Will update later ya plus all the pictures of the product!
( ^_^ )

My Final Conclusion
I had been consuming a number of jars of Aura White. I could not say that all the wonders the product does to the skin claimed is untrue but I could also not say that they are true either. I could only conclude that this is basically just a healthy drink. It may suit some people and it may not. It did not work wonders on my skin though. Porcelain flawless skin was nowhere to be seen. It did keep pimples at bay at times. However, it did made my sister's skin supple. All in all, I would conclude that this product is not suitable for me, maybe suitable for some other consumers. So I would not be repurchasing because it is quite pricey for just a healthy drink.

A jar of Aura White Pure Gluta Collagen 400,000 mg costs RM150.00. Currently it comes free with a shaker and a mask.

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