Sunday, April 24, 2011

TheFaceShop's Black Head Ex Nose Clay Mask Review

When my sister was in Korea on a short course, I gave her a list of things to buy based on great reviews I read on the Internet. One of the things I wanted her to find was a tube of White Mud Nose Pack from TheFaceShop since there are quite a number of raving reviews about the product. Alas for me, she was not able to find it so she bought a similar type of product which is the Black Head Ex Nose Clay Mask. I am not sure how much it costs and my sister had forgotten how much she paid for it.

The Black Head Ex Nose Clay Mask comes in a soft white plastic tube weighing 50 g with a black screw on cap. The label is printed directly onto the plastic tube. The product info and list of ingredients (I assume they are list of ingredients) are printed on the back also directly onto the tube.
The tube of mask.
I have no idea what's printed on the back of the tube.

The nozzle sports a small hole for the gunk to flow out when the tube is squeezed.

The clay mask's texture is very thick, gooey and sticky. It is muddish white in colour. It got quite messy when applied over my nose because of the gooey-ness and the stickiness of the gunk. The clay mask had a nice astringent scent to it which does not bug me because it is not too overpowering. What I liked about it is that is has a cooling effect on the skin. I needed to wait 15-20 minutes for the whole thing to dry and be ready to be peeled off my skin. Peeling the dried mask off my skin as quite easy and not painful at all. I can see some whiteheads got pulled off together with the dried mask.
 A dollop of clay mask.
 The mask spread evenly.
 The mask drying. (Please excuse the red marks beside the drying patch of mask. I had been testing the other type of masks and scratched them off - hence the redness.)
The mask peeled off. I think the patch of skin looked a bit fairer.

If compared to the White Mud Mask, I found that the white mud mask had a slightly thicker consistency in texture. The white mud mask also peels of easier than the white mud but in terms of pulling out the white heads and blackheads, I think the clay mask did a slightly better job at it.

My verdict: I think the Black Head Ex Nose Clay Mask performed slightly better than the White Mud. My only logical conclusion is that maybe it's because the clay mask's paste clings harder to the skin when dried if compared to the white mud mask even though the latter has a thicker consistency. In terms of good value for money, I think I would repurchase the Clay Mask again in future if the mood strikes me.

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