Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Colleen 60 Coloured Pencils No. 785 vs No. 787 Showdown!

Hi peeps! I did a little comparison between Colleen 60 Coloured Pencils No. 785 and No. 787 (because my sister kept asking me what are the difference between these two sets). 

To my untrained and unprofessional eyes, there are 47 colour repeats in both sets. 

There are two very confusing colours that looked almost similar in shade to each other when compared.
No. 73 and No. 3 was very similar to Red.
Light Blue Green and Cerulean Blue looked the same as No. 42.

There are also some unique colours exclusive to each set.

I hope this comparison will be a little help to those trying to decide which set to purchase. Have a nice day peeps! ( ^_^ )
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