Thursday, July 12, 2018

Harrogate Sulphur Soap Review

Hi guys! It has been a long time since I updated this blog! So sorry about that. I am at the end of completing my studies so I hope I can spend some time to do reviews for you guys. :)

(Picture taken from
I wanted to try out Harrogate Sulphur Soap ever since I saw a video explaining about the soap by the sole distributor of the product in Malaysia, Harrogate Sulphur Soap (HSS) Bytema Malaysia. I was browsing FB yesterday when I stumbled upon a posting about HSS' anniversary promotion. Since my husband was working in the same area where the showroom is, so I texted my husband to help me get the promotion package! In conjunction with their first anniversary, HSS Malaysia is offering for each purchase of the basic set worth RM250, they will throw in 1 original soap bar, 1 konjac sponge and 1 soap box with the purchase. The promotion ended yesterday, 11th July 2018.

The Harrogate Sulphur Soap is known to have therapeutic and curative qualities, thanks to it's content of active sulphur, which is known as beauty mineral. All of their product line contains sulphur and spring water from Harrogate's famous spa as well as Vitamin E. None of their products contain coal tar, paraben or mercury. The products are suitable for all skin types, even for babies.

So, here are the purchase my husband made for me yesterday.

I tried the Original Sulphur Soap as body soap and the Spring Water Sulphur Soap for my face. Both soaps are oval in shape. The original soap has quite a strong sulphur scent but not too overwhelming. The Spring Water soap has a clean, fresh scent. The soap does not lather much but when used together with the konjac sponge, getting a very rich lather to wash my face was fairly easy. After washing off the lather with water, my skin felt clean but not tight. I will comment again to see how it fares for my super oily skin. To make the soap last longer, I cut the bar of soap into three portions and use one portion while keeping the rest in sealed in a small ziploc bag back into the box,

Next, I used the Original yellow soap for my body. I often have allergic reactions and have itchy patches here and there. So I would like to see if the soap can help to lessen the itchiness. The bar soap lathers the same as the blue one, the soap produces just enough lather and has a smooth glide when lathered up. My skin did felt smoother and not as dry as before. I urged my husband to try out the soap for his use as well since he has eczema. I will update his progress in this blog soon.
For those who are interested in getting the Harrogate Sulphur Soap or other products, you can purchase them at Harrogate Sulphur Soap Bytema Malaysia. Each soap sells for RM55 for 100gm per bar and it comes in 4 scents which is the Original (yellow), Victorian Rose (pink), English Garden (green) and Spring Water (blue).

I will be doing another review on the other products soon. Have a great day ahead peeps! \(^_^)/

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Colleen 60 Coloured Pencils No. 785 vs No. 787 Showdown!

Hi peeps! I did a little comparison between Colleen 60 Coloured Pencils No. 785 and No. 787 (because my sister kept asking me what are the difference between these two sets). 

To my untrained and unprofessional eyes, there are 47 colour repeats in both sets. 

There are two very confusing colours that looked almost similar in shade to each other when compared.
No. 73 and No. 3 was very similar to Red.
Light Blue Green and Cerulean Blue looked the same as No. 42.

There are also some unique colours exclusive to each set.

I hope this comparison will be a little help to those trying to decide which set to purchase. Have a nice day peeps! ( ^_^ )

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Colleen 60 Coloured Pencils No. 787 Review

I finally got my hands on Colleen 60 Coloured Pencils No. 787! My sisters and I went a little crazy online and the three of us bought one set each. ( >x< )

This set of colours comes in a cardboard box packaging just like it's sister Colleen 60 Coloured Pencils No. 785. There are 30 hexagonal shaped pencils with dual tips for each one. The pencils came unsharpened just like No. 785. Instead of names of the colours, this set has numbers as colour codes stamped on the left side of the pencil with the first numbers indicates the colour on the left side and the second number for the right side.

The leads on this set are the same as it's sister which makes me quite happy about it since it does not break easily and sharpening them is not a task I dread (except sharpening all 60 tips in one shot!).

These pencil colours are just as good as Colleen No. 785. They glide easily across the paper and blends really well. There are 6 neon colours in this set. I did notice that the lead for the 6 neon pencils are a bit softer and tend to crumble a little when pressured, but still acceptable to me.

The swatches for each side:

In conclusion, I am happy with this set as I am happy with my first Colleen. I would definitely recommend these colour pencils for those colouring fans out there. ( ^_^ )
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