Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Body Bakery Bedtime Balm Review

Wearing lip balms before bedtime is a routine for most women all over the world. A good overnight lip balm will help keep lips soft and supple. Since The Body Bakery has a line of bedtime balms, I decide to add them to my balm collection and check them out during my last online shopping spree.

The Body Bakery's line of bedtime is claimed to be the first and only intensive nighttime lip balm that soothes our senses as well as our lips. The directions to use their bedtime balm is to apply the bedtime balm on lips and dab a small amount under the nose. The Bedtime Balm contains hydrating mango butter that heals lips as we sleep and the calming aromatherapy scents helps us relax and unwind.

There are five scents to choose from which are:
Buttermilk Dreamzzz: Warm Milk with a pat of melted Butter
Chamomile Comforterzzz: Soothing Lemon-Herb blend
Honey Kisseszzz: Rich, Golden Honey syrup
Lavender Lullabyzzz: Calming Lavender sprigs
Vanilla Pillowzzz: Smooth Vanilla and light Marshmallow

I chose to try the Vanilla Pillowzzz and the Honey Kisseszzz.

The Bedtime Balms comes in sliding tin weighing .25 oz. The tins are surprisingly small when compared to a standard tube of balm but holds a whopping .10 oz more balm.
Comparison of the bedtime balms' size and a standard tube of balm.

The label for the balms are very cute to me with the company's logo printed at the top, the lettering of Bedtime Balm in the middle and the scent choice underneath it. There's also a picture of stars and clouds/milky way. The colour of each balms are chose accordingly to their scents: yellowish orange for Honey Kisseszzz and creamish white for Vanilla Pillowzzz. The label at the back of the tin consists of the list of ingredients and directions on how to use the balm.
The matching coloured front label for each tins.
The back label holds ingredients list and directions to use the product.

The ingredients listed for the bedtime balm is: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcia (Sweet Almond) Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Beeswax, Olea Europea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, Flavour Oil, Saccharin.

As I said earlier, the Bedtime Balms comes in sliding tins weighing .25 oz each. To open the tin, you would have to slide the cover with a little pressure added upwards using your thumb.
Sliding the tin open.

Freshly opened tin of Bedtime Balm ready to be used.

At a glance, both the Bedtime Balms has the same whitish and matte look to it.
Opened balms and yet to be broken into.

To use the balm, you would have to dip your finger into the tin. Some may find using fingers is a little bit unhygienic so a lip brush would help. As for me, I just use a cotton swab. At first it was quite hard to get a decent film of balm out because the surface hasn't been broken into yet but after it had adjusted to my finger's temperature, it was easy to swipe the balm out and apply them to my lips.
Swiping the balm out with my finger.

The Honey Kisseszzz balm really smelled strongly like honey. It smelled quite overpowering and strong to me. This is the first honey scented product I've tried an I wasn't so sure about whether honey was supposed to smell like this or not.  At first, I really disliked the smell of it but later on it grew on me. So now I can use the balm without flinching at the scent as I apply the balm over my lips before bedtime.

The Vanilla Pilowzzz balm smelled like sweet vanilla. Since I love vanilla scented products, this is a hit with me. The scent is not as overpowering as the Honey Kisseszzz though. I found that this scent has a more soothing smell for a good night sleep but it all goes down to each person's preferences.

The texture of the balm is soft and a little bit like butter. The balm glides very smoothly over my lips but felt a little bit buttery. At first application, felt moisturized and soft. It goes on clear with a very subtle shine and is tasteless. Putting on too much would make your lips looked pasty and white (which I did when I wanted to have a deep moisturizing lip treatment before bedtime). The lasting power of the balm is quite long and lasted overnight. I woke up and delightfully found my lips very soft and supple. Very good for an overnight balm.

When used as a day balm, I applied only a thin film of balm over my lips. It took some time to melt into my lips and after a couple of hours I felt there's a thin film of drying butter left on my lips after eating something buttery. The only difference I felt is that the lasting power is not as great as when comparing to wearing it as a night balm before bedtime.  Maybe it's because I put a very thick layer for night treatment. After a couple of hours, I can feel that my lips had some dryness to them plus the drying butter feeling. The balm lasted a couple of hours during daytime before the need to reapply

Here's how the lip balm looked like on my fingers:

This is how the balm looked like when applied on my hands:
Very subtle shine.

My verdict: I really liked the balm when used as a nighttime treatment and the moisturizing effect it gave me the next morning when I woke up. I also love the fact that the scent did help me slip into slumber land a little bit faster with their soothing scent (or is it because I was sleepy?). I didn't really like the drying butter feeling the balm left on my lips though. I am actually on the fence whether to repurchase this balm again or not. I might repurchase the Vanilla Pillowzzz or maybe try the Lavender Lullabyzzz or Buttermilk Dreamzzz and just use them as night balms.

You can check out other Bedtime Balms scents at The Body Bakery's website.
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