Friday, April 13, 2012

Angel's Magic Putto Ato-Secret Liquid Review

My family members (and me included) have always had sensitive skin and all kinds of allergies. Some of us have the worse kind of skin condition such as urticaria. My cousin, the loony Barneysayz has a chronic pressure induced urticaria. As for me, my skin would break out in rashes everytime I eat something with wheat flour in them. So, you can guess that any type of products promising to relieve any itchiness and inflammation will definitely catch our interest at the drop of a hat. Plus, since having a baby in the house I am more prone to shop around for products that are baby skin friendly and natural so that my dear daughter can use it too.

I was told by someone that there is a brand by the name of Putto that sells really great products that caters to baby's sensitive skin and heals any itchiness and swelling really well. I googled the Internet and came across Angel's Magic Putto and was immediately interested. 

Here's a description on Putto's products:

"Putto is a premium skincare brand for the mothers who hope to make their baby’s skin, pure and healthy like a baby angel. Putto is developed and formulated through intensive R&D and public connfidence test by *KAERI (*Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute).

Putto’s core ingredient is NHEB-05™  which is a patented ingredient (patent no: 10-2008-0032798) and has been completed Primary Skin Irritation Test according to the standards of FDA. All the products contain NHEB-05TM instead of water. Putto moisturizes and protects baby’s delicate skin from getting dry and itchy.

Putto Triple Magic Care formula NHEB-05™  has a natural soothing effect on your baby’s skin. It is an all natural herbal extract made from a combination of 5 plants - Houttuynia Cordata,Plantago asiatica, Glechoma hederacea, Morus alba L, Japanese Elm. ß-glucan is a moisturizing property extracted from Schizophyllum commune Fr. and is easily absorbed by the skin. Ceramide forms a protective barrier for your baby’s delicate skin against harsh environment pollutants.

Putto’s mild formulation protects baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. It is free from ingredients which cause skin irritation such as preservatives, alcohol and artificial coloring agent."

I went a little bit crazy (only a little bit) googling the products and finally decided to try out only two products which are:
1. Putto Ato-Secret Liquid
2. Putto Ato-Secret Cream
I received a gift pack for my purchase which is a pack of Putto Ato-Secret Shampoo & Bath and Putto-Ato Secret Lotion.

For this post, I am going to do a review on Putto Ato-Secret Liquid. I bought my Putto products from Angel's Magic Putto (Malaysia) online shop. Their service are very prompt and professional. I didn't have any trouble getting a reply from them whenever I have any enquiries. The customer service is one of the best for an online shopping experience I've encountered so far. Their delivery is also prompt but the packaging can benefit from a little bit of improvement since my package came in a very thin and unsturdy box wrapped in saran plastic wrap. Luckily the products inside were wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and the boxes of the actual products were put in a ziploc plastic bag. The mode of payment also can be improved by adding the option to pay via interbank transfer for those who does not have a paypal account.

Anyway, let's get on with the review.

Product Info: Putto Ato-secret Liquid contains 88% of the patented NHEB-05™, which soothes and calms problem skin areas. Together with β-glucan and ceramide, Putto Ato-secret Liquid gives you the Triple Magic Care formula which helps reduce inflammation and itchiness while keeping the skin moist.

Packaging: The Putto Ato-Secret Liquid came in a beige plastic spray bottle with a cute and simple label. There is some information about the product printed at the sides of the box and also on the bottle. All Putto's products are colour coded and for the Secret Liquid, the colour code is light green. This simplistic packaging has a clean cut look to it, is very appealing and really attracts my eyes. The product weighs 100ml. The bottle opens via a pull off cap at the top. You can also access the product by unscrewing the thick green neck. 
Nice and simple packaging.
The bottle uncapped and unscrewed.

Ingredients: Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Plantago Asiatica Extract, Glechoma Hederacea Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Morus Alba Leaf Extract, Ulmus Davidiana Root Extract, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Betaine, Sodium Hyaluronate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Beta-Glucan, Pathenol, Disodium EDTA.
List of ingredients printed on a sticker pasted on the back of the box.

Texture: The Putto Ato-Secret Liquid is in liquefied form. It is runny just like water. It also has a brownish tint to the liquid. To use the product, you just have to aim the spray nozzle at the affected area on the skin and then press the nozzle head. The liquid would have to pat into the skin softly. I felt a cooling effect whilst patting the liquid into my skin and the itchiness I felt is lessened. 

Smell: The Ato-Secret Liquid is odourless, a fact that I reaaaally like. The odourless factor is going to be a great thing especially when I have a headache and I want to use a fast relieving product that does not contaminate my nostrils whilst using it.

Urticaria Test: Since my cousin has a chronic pressure induced skin disorder, I actually bugged him to get his hand scratched so that his rashes would appear so I could try the Putto product on him but he refused. ( >.< ) I finally got the chance to try Putto's product on him after his rashes broke out one fine day. Yeay! Below is the picture of his skin afliction.
Gory, yes I know!

He sprayed the Ato-Secret Liquid on half of the rash area and pat the liquid down. The other half, he applied the Ato-Secret Cream (more on that later). He said he felt a soothing effect, and 20 seconds after spraying the liquid on his bumpy skin, the burning sensation of the itchiness subsided immediately. The itchy rash and redness of the skin disappeared after 15-20 minutes later. So, he gave his nod of approval for the product (indicating he might be purchasing one for himself! Hehe..).

Baby Test: My baby had a small inflammation on the side of her head yesterday so I rubbed in the Putto Ato-Secret Liquid on the tiny red bump. At first it looked like the bump became more redder and bigger but after some time (I didn't actually time the time), the red bump became flatter and the redness was not as red as before I applied the liquid. The only problem is that the liquid needed to be sprayed on and to spray on my baby's face is not a good idea, so in the end I sprayed onto my hand and then rubbed the liquid on her skin gently. I think it might be much easier to use the gel-type on babies and the spray type when they are a little bit older. Conclusion, it worked wonders on the small rash! ( ^_^ )

My Verdict: I really like Putto Ato-Secret Liquid because it works. And the plus point for me is that it is totally odourless to my nose. I am now itching to try the Putto Ato-Secret Liquid Gel! Definitely would recommend this and I would repurchase.

I bought my bottle of Putto Ato Secret Liquid for RM78 at Angel's Magic Putto (Malaysia).

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