Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wadihana Islamic Kitchen Restaurant @ Bangi Review

There are quite a number of new eateries popping out in Bangi recently and my husband and I took our time in trying them out one by one. For dinner one night sometime a few years back, we decided to get a taste of Wadihana Islamic Kitchen that advertised itself to be a place that diners can taste Asian, Western, Italian and Mexican cuisine as well as an array of dessert and pastry. 

Wadihana's logo.

Wadihana Islamic Kitchen Restaurant is located at the very end of the same row as Mohd Chan Abdullah's Restaurant. The restaurant is quite spacious with seatings like patio chairs minus the umbrella. On our observation, there are a lot of families eating at this restaurant which I take as a good sign.
Wadihana's front view at night time.
Wadihana Restaurant at day time.

The menu is quite extensive and there are a lot of dishes offered. Seriously they were not kidding when they claim that this restaurant serve a lot of cuisines. You can almost say that this is a fusion eatery where you can get a variety of dishes from various places. For our first time dining here, we opted to try out some 'safe' dishes. For me, as usual I always always want to try out Spaghetti Carbonara and my husband opted to try their Rice with Lemon Chicken (since I looooove lemon chicken!). For drinks, we ordered Teh Tarik and Apple Juice with Asam Boi.

The apple juice with asam boi was a bit sour and the apple juice was a little too thin to my liking. It also tasted a bit bland to me with not enough sweetness. On the other hand, the teh tarik was very nice and it was served in a cute big cup. The balance of the sweetness and the creamines of the milk was just right.

For the carbonara, the spaghetti was not soft. I do believe that it was not given enough time to cook. There was also too much black pepper in the seasoning. That slightly sweet taste that I look for in the creaminess of carbonara was not there and the cream was quite thick and a bit too salty.

The Lemon Chicken with rice was nicely presented. The rice was served with fish crackers and a small serving of veggies on the side. The lemon chicken gravy was a bit on the sour side.  There was a little bit of a gassy taste to the sauce too. But, when the sour sauced chicken was combined with the rice, the zing of the sourness was somewhat lessened a bit. But still, the taste of the lemon chicken was a bit disappointing to me since it was too sour and gassy.
Lemon Chicken with rice.

For dessert, I chose Pana Cota since it has been a long time since I get to eat one from Fish n Co at One Utama which serves my favourite Pana Cota of all time. The Pana Cota was served with a dollop of whipped cream with a halved strawberry on top and some strawberry sauce. It had a thick and creamy consistency, which is just right for me but alas, t was not too creamy in terms of taste. The combination of the whipped cream made ip for the lack of creaminess in the pana cota itself. Overall, it was just so-so for me and I think I enjoy Fish n Co's Pana Cota better than this one.

Pana Cota

The price for our meal was RM40.70 which I think it's acceptable but since we didn't really enjoy the taste of the dishes, I'd say it was on the high side.

I might go back here if I ever had a crazy craving for Pana Cota or I wanted to try other dishes on the menu.

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