Sunday, January 16, 2011

Redup Rimba Cendol Corner Review

I have a soft spot for all things sweet. My one weakness is definitely dessert thanks to my sweet tooth. Cendol (which is basically a concoction of green rice flour jelly served with coconut milk, palm sugar and shaved ice) is a great sweet and cold dessert that hits the spot when the day is smelting hot. Yummy!! There is even an entry on cendol on wikipedia. So when my husband told me that there is a stall serving cendol somewhere in Bangi, I jumped for joy because it's quite hard to get a bowl of decent tasting cendol around Putrajaya.

The place my husband took me to get out bowls of cendol is called Redup Rimba Cendol Corner. It is a stall on the side of the road near Teras Jernang heading towards Bangi Lama. It is called Redup Rimba because the stall is located beside UKM's reserved jungle.

There are several plastic tables and stools placed under large garden umbrellas and the main stall is under a blue canopy. There are wooden planks placed over the big drain for customers and waiters to cross over to the tables and stall. There were customers sitting at almost every table and we were lucky enough to get a table just in front of where we parked out car. The waiter came to get out orders a few minutes later since there were quite a lot of customers to tend to but we didn't mind the wait.

The main menu served at Redup Rimba is Laksa and Cendol. You can get the original recipe cendol or with additional ingredient like pulut (sticky rice) or tapai (fermented sticky rice). We usually get the original recipe because I like my cendol tasting authentic. Hehe.. The cendol served here is the usual basic ingredient added with red sago, red beans and a spoonful of sweet corn. The vendor is really not stingy on the palm syrup because you can see it dripping on the base of the bowl. When the shaved ice is mixed up properly, you can see a milky dark chocolate colour of the palm mixed with the coconut milk indicating that the bowl of icy dessert is gonna taste delicious.
A bowl of cendol freshly served.
A spoonful of cendol. The rice-flour green jelly is seen submerged inside the pale, unmixed melting ice.

This is how the cendol would look like after it has been properly mixed. The shaved ice has melted a bit but the taste is still superb!

We also ordered a bowl of Laksa to be shared among the both of us (since I am a light eater who likes to eat repeatedly!). I was a bit skeptical since great tasting laksa is hard to come by these days and boy was I surprised! The laksa actually tasted really good. The fish-based gravy has a well balanced taste of fish and sourness and there is also a slight spiciness to it. The handmade rice noodle is also soft and a bit chewy but it is not tough. The texture is just-right. Overall, the bowl of laksa is really delicious and this is coming from a person who does not really like laksa. There is also additional condiments such as petis (a thick and sweet shrimp paste) on the table for those who likes their laksa to have a little bit more kick.

For those wanting to just sit and enjoy a great tasting bowl of Laksa and a heavenly sweet and icy bowl of delicious Cendol, you can definitely give Redup Rimba Cendol Corner a visit and I guarantee you would not regret it. The only downside of this stall is that in terms of take-away orders, they are a little bit unorganized and sometimes forget who ordered first and what, which might make you end up feeling a little bit flustered. But, all in all, the icy dessert and bowl of noodle goodness is excellent. The Cendol cost RM1.60 per bowl and the Laksa is RM3.00 per bowl. Pretty cheap and worth every penny! Yummy!!

Redup Rimba Cendol Corner opens from Tuesdays to Sundays and closes on Mondays from 10.30 am to 6.00 pm.

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