Thursday, January 6, 2011

W.S Badger Cheerful Mind Balm Review

W.S Badger has quite a line up of balms for health and well being. They produces balms and oils with super-safe, super-comforting blends of fresh, whole, organic, extra-virgin oils, waxes, exotic butters, herbal extracts and pure essential oils. Their product contain no chemicals, synthetics, parabens, and other harmful ingredients which make their product super duper safe. At least I haven't gotten any allergic reactions so far. 

W.S Badger's Cheerful Mind Balm comes in their signature round tin just like the Headache Soother Balm. The Cheerful Mind Balm has a combination of bright, cheery orange and yellow colour. There is an illustration of a badger walking across a river with a stick on the lid of the tin. The bottom of the tin is printed with instructions and also list of ingredients for the balm.

Instruction to use: Massage a little onto hands, temples, forehead or anywhere you need a little soothing. Breathe it in.

List of ingredients: *Extra virgin olive oil, *beeswax, essential oils of *sweet orange, lemon, *rosemary verbenone, *spearmint neroli, *ylang ylang, *cinnamon, and CO2 extracts of *calendula & *rosehip. *=certified organic.

The Cheerful Mind balm has the same solid consistency and the yellowish colour just like the Headache Soother Balm. The surface also softens up to the touch making it easier to pick up the balm for use. The slightly oily and sticky feeling when applied is the same too. The only difference is that there is no mintyness in the Cheerful Balm.
A newly opened tin of balm.
The surface has a subtle shine to it.

The Cheerful Mind Balm has a sweet orange scent and a hint of herbs and flowers that really does surrounds you and make you just feel good! It really does what it claims to do. Every time I breathe in the scent of this balm, it made me feel calm and happy because the scent is something that lifts the spirit up.

Here's a swatch of the balm on the back of my hand:
Just swatched.
Spread and massaged.

My verdict: The Cheerful Minds Balm is also a winner for me. I really like the scent and don't mind the slight greasy feeling when applied (it goes away sometime anyway). I do think that the Cheerful Mind Balm smelled a tad better than the Headache Soother Balm but both are great in their own ways. I would definitely repurchase if the balm runs out which I think would be a looooong time since the tin is quite large and there is a lot of product in the tin.

You can find out more information on W.S Bagders products at their official website.
I purchased mine at ISetan KLCC for RM52.

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