Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NYX Round Lipstick Review

My sister and I got hooked on NYX's round lipsticks after she tried a couple of tubes. So, when CherryCulture had a sale on NYX's cosmetics, we jumped on board and bought quite a few of their lippies. Choosing the shades that catches our eyes requires quite a long time since NYX has one of the most extensive array of lipstick shades. But still, the process of picking and contemplating on which to purchase is fun nonetheless. ( ^_^ )

NYX Round Lipstick stash from my sister and me. Hehe..

Packaging: NYX's lipsticks are packaged in black, shiny plastic tubes. NYX's logo is printed on the body of the tube. The whole packaging is sturdy and looks very chic. The bottom of the tube is translucent making it easier to identify the choice of lipstick color inside. The cap closes with a click. The lipsticks twist in and out of the tube very smoothly. The ingredients are printed on the body of the cap. A whole tube weighs 4g (014oz).
 A tube of NYX's Round Lipstick. Very chic looking.
 The translucent bottom of the tube with colour indicator.
List of ingredients printed on the side of the cap.
Twisting the lipstick out. NYX's Round Lipstick sports the standard bottom-twist mechanism.

Texture: NYX's lipsticks have a very nice and creamy texture. They glide on very smoothly. They do not have that usual sticky or heavy feeling when applied like most lipsticks do and I really like it. You can almost say that they feel really light on the lips. NYX's lipsticks are also not drying. They have a nice subtle fragrance. The colours are opaque and very pigmented on the lips. I only need a light layer to get a good coverage.

Here are the swatches from my sister's stash and my stash combined together:
Heredes, Milan and Fig.
1. Heredes - deep terracotta red
2. Milan - pinkish mauve
3. Fig - very pink

Thalia, Frosted Beige and Saturn.
1. Thalia - deep pink brown,
2. Frosted Beige - frosty peach with shimmers
3. Saturn - gorgeous flushed red with slight shimmer

Goddess, Georgia and Tea Rose.

1. Goddess - warm coperry brown with orange undertone, frosty
2. Georgia - frosty warm pink
3. Tea Rose - deep coral pink/dusty rose

B52, Perfect, Summer Love and Frappucino.
1. B52 - deep red brown
2. Perfect - medium plum brown
3. Summer Love - frosty beige (made me look pale)
4. Frappucino - deep rose mauve

Indian Pink, Peach and Femme.

1. Indian Pink - frosty pinky peach (looks orange on me)
2. Peach - shimmery deep red (dunno why the name is Peach when the shade is in the red group)
3. Femme - striking red

My verdict: I adore these lippies. They are definitely a great buy considering the price for a tube is very cheap. I will purchase NYX's lippies again in future.

Price: Retails at $4 but we bought them at a sale price for $2.50 each tube (approximately RM10)
We bought our NYX lipstick stash from CherryCulture with the help from Ryan of LowyatForum.

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