Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rose's Treats Crazy Bid!!

I have been stuck in a bag buying craze spree for some time now and is always looking out for bargains on the net. Even if I have to strangle myself to keep me from buying impulsively, I still can't stop myself from browsing from one blog to another just to look at their offer and designs.

I came across an online blog Rose's Treats selling bags online and she's going to have a crazy bid sale over this weekend! It's basically a 'Name Me Your Price' bidding session for lots of goodies. What??!! OMG!! I will definitely go and check out what she has to offer over this weekend because she does have quite an extensive list of brands in her inventory list and she sells makeup items too. I am soooo tempted. Let's see how strong my willpower stands this weekend. Hehehe...

Sale banner taken from Rose's Treats blog.

You can check out Rose's Treats' Crazy Bid Sale here

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