Saturday, March 12, 2011

Papa John's Pizza Restaurant Review

My husband and I went to Jusco Equine for grocery shopping a few weeks back and we stopped by Papa John's Pizza Restaurant which was newly opened there. 

The restaurant has a very cosy and comfortable atmosphere but the lighting is a bit low. The menu consist of typical pizza restaurant which has an array of pizza choices, pasta and some side dishes such as lasagna, chicken wings, garlic bread and soups. The service is quite fast and the waiters are friendly too.

We opted to try out a personal sized pizza with Zesty Chicken topping, Cheesesticks, a bowl of creamy mushroom soup and a glass of ice lemon tea. We didn't have to wait too long for our order to come.
Ice lemon tea.

The cheesesticks is actually a pizza bread (not in stick form) cooked with generous topping of cheese and garlic sauce. It came on a thin wooden round pizza platter with a bowl of tomato sauce for dipping and a couple of pickled chilli for zest. The cheesesticks is a bit salty (my guess is from the cheese), not too garlicky though because I  couldn't taste the garlic sauce. I prefer eating the bread on its own rather than dip it with the tomato sauce (which is actually the tomato topping base on pizzas).
The platter of cheesestick.
A slice of cheesestick.

The mushroom soup came in a big bowl. It has a thick and creamy texture. The creaminess and saltiness of the soup blends very well. There is a generous amount of mushroom bits in the soup. For someone who does not like mushroom, I enjoyed this bowl of creamy mushroom goodness very much indeed.
A big bowl of mushroom soup.

Lots of bits and pieces of mushroom in the soup.

The Zesty Chicken pizza also came served on a thin wooden platter. The bread crust crunchy on the outside but the dough is soft on the inside. the bread is not tough. The topping is a bit bland and tasteless because there was no tomato base for the topping. The topping is generous though so maybe a change of pizza topping choice would've made out dining experience of the pizza a little bit better.
The platter of Zesty Chicken pizza.

The pizza and breadsticks were served on flat wooden pizza platters with no coasters underneath them. I think it would have been better to have something underneath to elevate the pizza platters because they are definitely very flat on the table. All in all, the dining experience at Papa John's left us with mixed results which might be affected by the choice of menu we made that day. The service is good and friendly, the atmosphere is warm and cosy and the food is okay to my tastebud. Maybe we could come again and order something else next time. The soup is definitely a repeat.

For our first time dining at Papa John's, the bill amounted to RM31.05.

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