Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beautee 3D Mask Review - Green Apple Oily & Acne Mask

Facial mask is a must for beauty buffs everywhere. I don't really consider myself a beauty buff (maybe just a buff? ha! ha!) but I do sometimes use masks in my beauty routine (usually over the weekend). My sister and I decided that we'd like to try out masks from Beautee and end up purchasing quite a number of them. So this time around, I would like to do a review on Beautee 3D Mask.

Yup. I bought four masks (charcoal, green apple, green pea and gold powder) along with two soothing solution.

There are eleven types of Beautee 3D Mask:
Charcoal - For all skin type, specially for oily and purifying skin. Moisturizes skin, stimulate tissue regeneration and detoxifies skin to facilitate toxic elimination.

Coffee - For all skin type. Revitalizes and refreshing while restoring vitality of skin cells and moisturizes skin.

Gold Powder - For all skin type, except Hyper-Sensitive skin. Rejuvenate cell and skin suppleness and elasticity, helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and anti-aging. Gives you a smooth and fair complexion.

Green Apple - For oily and pimpled skin. Removes excess fat, revitalize blood, ease nerves, clear acne and lighten pigmentation. Desensitized irritant and soothes inflammation. Has antiseptic effect on acne and helps prevent further breakout.

Green Pea - For oily and acne skin. Purify and remove excessive oil formation within skin layer, reducing accumulation of sebum secretion (to prevent the clogging of skin pores) and provides sufficient moisture to skin.

Lily - For dry, dull and loose skin. Firming and reducing wrinkles. Drastically improves hydration and elasticity. Helps reduce the sign of aging and gives a healthy glow.

Lavender - For all skin type, specially for sensitive and irritated skin. Soothing, cooling, moisturizing effects soften and calming epidermis. Provide the skin softening, healing and anti-inflammatory. Builds a healthier, lighter and smoother relaxed skin.

Oat - For dull, dehydrated and loose skin. Restoring skin elasticity. Keeping skin soft and smooth.
Soybean - For all skin type, specially for pigmentation skin. Effective for eliminating pigmentation, freckles and black spots. Leaving skin fresh and healthy resulting in lightened and delicate skin.

Redbean - For sensitive, dry and irritated skin. Supplying moisture directly to the tissues. Being an excellent Hydrator and UV light absorber. Provides the skin softening, healing and anti-inflammatory. Give soothing effect to skin.

Vegefiber - For all skin type. Highly effective in removing dirt and impurities. Enables to penetrate deep into skin layer in cleansing away unwanted wastes and dead old skin cells which causes blockage of skin pores. Paving the functions of detoxifying and purifying.

These masks comes in the form of powder and have to be mixed either with Beautee Mask Solution or mineral water. You can actually use purified tap water but don't use water straight out from the tap because tap water contains chlorine.

There are three types of solutions offered by Beautee:
Lifting Solution - For dull, dehydrated and loose skin. Creates natural glow and healthy radiant for mature skin. Enhance mask to achieve smoothing and moisturizing effect.

Whitening Solution - For all skin type, specially for skin with pigmentation. Promotes fairer and whitening effect, fairer to skin. Enhance mask to achieve rejuvenate and combat skin pigmentation.

Soothing Solution - For all skin type, specially for sensitive and irritated skin. Normalizes the suppleness of skin, calms irritation and inflammation. Enhances the mask to achieve soothing effects of the skin.

Each package of mask costs RM7 and the solutions also costs RM7.

For my first time trying the mask, I opted to try the Green Apple mask since my face is having a breakout party time. To use the mask, you would have to mix 1 1/2 spoon of the powder with 2 1/2 spoon of the solution/mineral water/purified tap water. I wasn't sure of the size of the spoon needed so I used a Baskin Robins spoon since I deemed it as having the most ideal size (not too big and not too small).

Scooping out the powder

The soothing solution is a nice looking greenish liquid and is quite thick. The colour makes me think of kiwi or lime jelly.

So, now I am scooping out the solution onto the powder mask.
Scooping out the solution

Here's what the concoction looks like before the powder and the solution is mixed together:

Here's what the mask looks like after the powder and the solution had been mixed together:

The next step is to apply the mask evenly on the face. There are some bits and pieces of particles (herbs/apples? I am not really sure) in the mask.
 The almost evenly spread mask on my skin (can you see the bits and pieces of particles?)

This is how the mask looks like whilst it is half-drying on my skin:
The bits and pieces of particles are more evident now

The mask is supposed to be left to dry on your skin for about 20 minutes. But seeing that by the time my 20 minutes are almost up, the mask is still partially dry (I guess I put too much on my skin) so I let it sit for another 20 minutes. Peeling the mask off is not that difficult except for the parts where the mask was spread on thinly and over the borderline of my hair/eyebrows. Over those patches I had to scratch my face gently to get it out. As for the rest, the mask was quite easy to peel off.

After the mask is peeled off, the instruction says that we have to gently rinse our face with water. I'm not sure about the removing of excess fat part (as mentioned on the package) but my skin did felt clean and less irritated. After a few hours my skin did not get oily as it usually did on non-mask-wearing days. I guess it does control the oil secretion for a bit.

Is this a repeat buy for me? Well, I am not really sure because I am quite lazy when it comes to peeling off the mask after it has dried out. Maybe after I have finished all the other masks I might ponder upon the decision to buy or not to buy again.

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