Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tupai-Tupai Restaurant & Cafe, Bangi

It had been quite a long time since I dined at Tupai-Tupai Restaurant & Cafe, KL. I used to go there and have dinner with my parents and siblings quite frequently back then. Our favourite dishes were the lemon chicken, butter prawn and sweet & sour fish (there were also some other dishes that my father used to order but I don't quite remember them).

When I saw an add saying that Tupai-Tupai Restaurant had opened a branch in Bangi, I was quite happy and put the newly opened branch on my 'Places To Eat' list.

Today, my husband and I went to the restaurant for lunch together with my husbands' family. The place is quite spacious (I think the original place was a warehouse of some sort) and there are two storeys of tables and seatings for hungry patrons. The restaurant is divided into two sections: the left side of the restaurant is for menu-ordered dining, the right side of the restaurant is for people who wants to enjoy steamboat.

The place was not that packed and we opted to sit at the menu-ordering side of the restaurant. Tupai-Tupai Restaurant boasts of an extensive menu with a lot of variety for poultry, seafood and even individually fried dishes like fried rice/mee/meehoon/kuey teow.

For lunch, we ordered the restaurant's signature fish dish which was the Black Pepper Fish (Tupai-Tupai specialty), butter prawn, lemon chicken, veggie soup and fried beansprout accompanied by rice. For drinks we ordered lychee, longan, carrot and kiwi.

The butter prawn was nice and I like the taste of the egg strings that has a hint of sweetness to it. The size of the prawn was quite moderate. We ordered this dish in the medium size and the number of prawns were about 6-7 pieces.

The lemon chicken was heavenly just as I remembered eating at the KL branch. The lemon sauce was aplenty and the chicken was crispy and cut into small bite size portions. I even asked the waiter to tell the chef to put in extra lemon sauce to compliment the chicken fully. Yummy!

The Black Pepper Siakap Fish (Tupai-Tupai Specialty) was also very nicely cooked. The fish was cooked to perfection with the skin being crispy and the fish meat is soft. The gravy of this dish is made from coconut milk with a hint of black pepper plus other ingredients that I couldn't identify (I'm not a pro food taster, wish my sister was here so that she could identify what's in the gravy). It's not at all spicy but the taste is just right. The gravy is very well combined and is very delicious. My family would've enjoyed this dish, I am very sure of it.
The half-mauled delicious Black Pepper Siakap Fish (Tupai-Tupai Specialty)

The greens that we ordered were veggie soup and fried beansprout. The veggie soup came in a large bowl enough for six people. There a lot of greens, baby corn, cauliflower, carrots, mushroom and bits of chicken pieces in the soup. I didn't eat the soup actually since I was too busy concentrating on the prawn, chicken and fish (actually I am not a veggie person.. heh heh).
The almost empty bowl of veggie soup

I also didn't try the fried beansprout since I don't really like beansprout but here's a picture of what the dish looks like:
My mother would have loved the beansprout since she's a beansprout person. :)

The dining experience at this restaurant is nice and the service was quite fast. We didn't have to wait too long for the meal to arrive. The drinks came first and then followed by the dishes not too long after that. All in all, lunch was very satisfactory to my liking.

I did went there with my friends a few months back and that night we ordered some fried dishes for individuals and some fruit juices. The individually fried dishes wasn't that very nice (to my taste). I guess we should've ordered the served kind of main dishes and rice.

Would I come again? Definitely yes! And definitely I'll bug my family to come and eat here too! ;)

p/s: Pardon the shaky pictures.. my husband isn't that great in handling small handphone cameras.. ;p

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