Saturday, July 10, 2010

Under 1 Roof Restaurant

A few months back my friend and I were stumped in choosing a place to have our lunch that day. After much time contemplating where we should go and have a bite, my friend suggested we go to a western restaurant in Sepang (which was about 30-45 minutes drive from our office). Since it was Friday and the lunch hour is longer, I agreed. The name of the restaurant is Under 1 Roof (U1R).

The restaurant was located in Jalan Gembira 1, Taman Desa Gembira, Pekan Salak, Sepang. The menu of the restaurant consists of a selection for Malaysian and western cuisine, pasta, pizza, steak and desserts.
The international flavours selection

As I am a light eater, I opted to order Tempura Chicken Dippers and my friend had Grilled Fish. For drinks we both had the chocolate milkshake.

The Tempura Chicken Dippers is basically chicken fillet dipped into tempura batter and deep fried. It is served with a dollop of honey mustard on the side and and a small tall tub of fries. Here's what the dish looks like:
Nicely presented Tempura Chicken Dippers with fries

The fried chicken were nice and crispy. One thing I like about chicken fillets is that I don't really have to worry about the not-so-well cooked and red-coloured chicken meat that I always seem to get when the meat is too near the bones. I like my chicken to be well cooked and tender. The chicken strips of this dish is shaped just like prawns. The fries were very delicious and have that original potato taste unlike the fries from most fast food outlets.

My friend ordered the grilled fish and here's how the dish looks like:

The fish was served with steamed vegetables on the side, a dollop of dip and the top was smeared with thick gravy. You can choose to add a dash of lemon squeeze to add a little zest to the fish. The taste of the fish was okay for me since I am not really a fish person. The fish was grilled nicely and didn't have that fishy smell or taste. The gravy complements the fish and goes well with the dipping sauce.

For drinks we both had chocolate milkshakes. My friend highly recommended this choice and she told me that this is the best milkshake she had ever drank. One sip of the chocolatey cooling goodness got me hooked. Honest to goodness it was the best chocolate milkshake I have ever tasted, no kidding! It tasted like sipping heavenly chocolate ice cream. Yummy!

For both dishes and the two chocolate milkshakes, the price of our lunch was RM35. Considering the helping of both dishes were quite large, I think the price was quite reasonable.

My verdict is that the dishes were okay for me and the presentation of the dishes are nicely done. Thehelping of the dishes were also large and if I were eating with my husband, we could share a dish and I'd still be stuffed. As for the taste of the food, I think I won't be bugging my husband to bring me there to eat though since I thought it was just as good as any other western restaurant at that price. But the chocolate milkshake is another story. I would definitely return to the restaurant just for the chocolate milkshake alone! You guys should try it. I don't think you can get the same type of drink for that kind of price in KL or Putrajaya. The drink is absolutely delicious. Cooling, refreshing and full of chocolatey goodness. Yum!
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