Friday, July 9, 2010

Beautee Ampoules Review

An ampoule (also ampule or ampulla) is a small sealed vial which is used to contain and preserve a sample, usually a solid or liquid. Ampoules are commonly made of glass, although plastic ampoules do exist. (source: From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia).

Women will go to many lengths to be beautiful and ampoules are currently getting quite the rave and attention of beauty buffs. One of the brand that is currently being sold via online is Beautee Ampoules.

 There are quite a number of types of ampoules to choose from.
  1. Eye care - Reduce eyes puffiness and dark circles
  2. Firming - Lifting and firming for matured skin
  3. Hydrating - Replenishes moisture
  4. Open pore - Minimize open pore
  5. Purifying - For acne, pimples and oily skin
  6. Soothing - Prevent irritation and calm skin
  7. Vitamin C - For anti oxidant and radiant glow
  8. Whitening - Whitening effect for dark skin
  9. Collagen - For pre make up, moisturizing and promote glowing skin
  10. Clarifying - For stimulation of cell renewal and diminishes scars
  11. Bust - Lift sagging bust, improve blood circulation

To open the vial, you will have to break off the top with a tissue to avoid cutting your fingers with the shards of glass. Hold it firmly and pull the top of the glass towards you. Then you can pour a bit of the liquid unto the palm of your hand.

Once a vial had been opened, you will have to finish the concentrated liquid of goodness to ensure that you'll get the utmost benefit from the ampoules. As for me, I usually divide the usage of one vial to three usage. After I opened a vial and used 1/3 of the content, I would put the opened vial into an airtight container and put it in the fridge. Some people would advice for us to stuff the opening of the opened vial with a wad of cotton ball or tissue but as for me I just put in in the container then into the fridge and that's that. The vitamin C is the most concentrated ampoule (a bit yellowish in colour). Once you have opened the vial, you have to finish the liquid inside to ensure you'll get the utmost effect of the vitamin C. But I still divided the usage of the vitamin C ampoule same as the others. A little bit goes a looong way I'd say..hehe..

This is how the clear substance of the ampoule looks like (kind of looks like water but the texture is actually a bit more thicker):

Spread the ampoule liquid onto your face evenly. Then you can pat the liquid gently on your skin until it is fully absorbed.

I have been using the purifying, open pore and vitamin C ampoules for about a week. One vial of ampoules actually can last for about 3 usage. The purifying ampoules is a little bit thick and left my skin a bit oily after a few hours (can't really blame the ampoule though since my skin is very oily). The open pore ampoule is a little bit lighter and I like the feel of the substance on my skin since it didn't give me that oily feeling like other types of pore reducing products I've used. The vitamin C ampoule is one of my favourites. The texture of the liquid is smooth and easily absorbed by my skin. It didn't give me the oily effect and that is the most important thing for me. :) It made my skin felt smooth and healthy even after the first usage.

Well, for me this is a repeat buy since the ampoules didn't make my skin breakout and it did control a little bit of my oily skin. I'll be try the soothing ampoule next.

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