Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tony Moly Milky Tint Review

While my sister was attending a course in Korea, I asked her to scout beauty stores there and get me some lip products and anything she finds interesting. One of the things I asked her to get was Tony Moly's Milky Tint because it is almost a dupe for Benefit's Posietint. I could not afford to get me a bottle of Posietint yet so this is as good as it gets.

Tony Moly's Milky Tint comes packaged in a pink box. The ingredient list is at the back of the box in Korean. Well, at least I presumed it was the list of ingredients. ( >.< ) The lip tint bottle itself comes in a very sturdy shocking pink plastic tube with a pearly white screw on cap.
List of ingredients, perhaps?

Like most lip glosses packaged with screw-on caps, there is an applicator with a slanted tip attached to the pearly white cap.
The cap unscrewed.

The Milky Tint has an almost gel-like texture. It is not watery and very pink in colour. It has a very sweet smell. The scent is just nice and not pungent nor nauseating. Straight out of the bottle, the lip tint looked almost shocking fuchsia pink and I got a little but worried since I really don't like shocking pink colours. When blended, the colour turned into a very sheer pink giving the lips a naturally flushed pink look. Like any type of lip tints or stains, the liquid have to be blended in quickly to avoid getting a spot of very dark pink in the middle of your lips. The tint also did not dry my lips.

My verdict: I liked the tint very much and I find that the colour is just naturally sheer just how I like my lippies to be. I would definitely purchase this again if Tony Moly do open an outlet here in Malaysia.

You can get more information on the Milky Tint from Tony Moly's official English website.
The price for a tube in Korea is 6000won which is equivalent to RM16.45.

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