Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tony Moly Sweety Dual Lipgloss Review

Still on the topic of lip tint, I am going to review Tony Moly's Sweety Dual Lipgloss which my sister bought while she was in Korea a few month's back.

The Sweety Dual Lipgloss is actually a dual ended tube of lip tint and a gloss at each end.  Both the tint and gloss is packaged in clear thick plastic tubes with applicators attached at the middle cap for each end on the tube. No list of ingredients. There's a nice vine-like illustration at each ends giving the tubes a sweet look.
The double ended tint and gloss tube.
Applicators attached at the middle cap of the tube.
The dual lipgloss and tint unscrewed open.

The tint has a thicker texture than Tony Moly's Water Jelly Tint but it has the same cool feeling when applied. It has a subtle fruity scent if compared to the Milky Tint or the Jelly Tint. The colour of the tint is cherry red from the tube. It blends easily and gives a nice sheer red tint making lips looked naturally flushed and healthy. It can get very pigmented if applied with several layers. It has a weird and almost bitter taste when it is freshly applied but that goes away after a few seconds. Just like other lip tints/stains, the colour is buildable to get more pigmented tint on the lips by applying several layers.

The gloss on the other hand has a very sticky texture. It goes on clear with no shimmers. The light sheer pinkish colour of the gloss matches the lip tint.

When the gloss is applied over the lip tint, it gives a nice glossy sheen and the sheer colour becomes more prominent.
Left: Just the tint. Right: The gloss applied over the tint.

My verdict: Tony Moly's Sweety Dual Lipgloss is a great 2-in-1 tube to bring along especially during travels.  The colour of the tint is very sweet indeed. My sister really digs this lippie. As for me, I prefer wearing the lip tint alone and the gloss alone separately. Maybe it's because I prefer to have the fresh or just bitten look on my lips rather than having them look glossy and shiny. Would I repurchase again? I am not sure about it but my sister definitely would.

You can check out the Sweety Dual Lipgloss at Tony Moly's website.
My sister bought this for 6800won at a Tony Moly's store in Korea (approximately RM18.64).

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