Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tony Moly Pomegranate Water Jelly Tint Review

I am still on lip & cheek tint kick and this review is dedicated to Tony Moly's Pomegranate Water Jelly Tint which my sister got during her short course in Korea.

The Pomegranate Water Jelly Tint comes packaged in a  fuchsia pink box. The product description and list of ingredients are printed on the box in Korean. The only thing I understand from the box is that the lip tint lasts for 6 months after it has been opened.
Lip tint unboxed.
Not understanding what the box is saying.. huhu..

The lip tint comes in a sturdy see-through plastic tube with a gold screw on cap. There is a cute illustration of pomegranate on the plastic tube. Overall impression of the tube is that it has a very clean and nice packaging.

Attached to the cap is a slanted tip applicator.

The Pomegranate Water Jelly Tint texture is like waterish jelly and very easy to blend with fingers. Since it's jelly based, it glides easily too. It also felt cool on lips and has the same sweet scent line the Milky Tint.

From the tube, the lip tint looked very intimidating because of the deep red (almost blackish) colour. When swatched, it gives a dark plum colour but turned into a very nice sheer plum colour when blended. If applied generously and more than one layer, the lip tint will become very pigmented on the lips.

The tint lasted on me half the day without the need to reapply. Just like any other lip stain or tints, it does not smudge or transfer. It is also cleanse off with makeup remover much easier than Benefit's Benetint.
Left: Water Jelly tint blended. Right: The tint not yet blended.

My verdict: I really like the sheer plum tint the Pomegranate Water Jelly Tint gives. Overall, it functions just the same as any other lip tint/stains but the jelly-like texture made it much easier to blend without the worry of the tint dripping.

You can check out Tony Moly at their official English website here.
The price for a tube in Korea is 6000won which is equivalent to RM16.45. (Not sure how much it's going ot cost when the Tony Moly outlet is officially opened in Malaysia).

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