Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tony Moly Peach Lip Balm Review

Since my last few posts have been focusing on lip tints recently, this time I am going to write about something else but also related to lips (yup, still not over the lippie from Korea phase! hehe!). For this post, I am going to review Tony Moly's Peach Lip Balm which also came together with all the goodies my sister brought from Korea.

The Peach Lip Balm has the same packaging concept as their Magic Lip Tint but opposite in terms of colour. It comes in a clear thick plastic tub with a pearly white screw on lid. Also like the magic lip tint, there is only the logo of Tony Moly printed on the lid and a label with product info is pasted on the bottom of the tub.
A tub of Peach Lip Balm.
Label at the bottom of the tub.

The Peach Lip Balm's surface looked hard and impenetrable at one glance but actually it  is very emollient and has a soft-to-the-touch texture. It melts nicely when warmed by body temperature which makes it very easy to pick up with finger for application. It goes on very smoothly and not at all sticky. There's a tingle of mintyness which I love love love! The cooling effect lasts for quite some time so that's another plus point for me but it will dissipates after a few minutes. It it quite tasteless but smells of subtly sweet peaches. It really hydrates the lips and also leaves a nice glossy wet sheen. It lasts a couple of hours like most lip balms.

The Peach Lip Balm already dipped by my sister and me.
The lip balm swatched on the back of my hands. Very soft and easy to apply.
The lip balm when evenly spread. Gives off a nice wet sheen and is very moisturizing.

My verdict: I really love this lip balm. It has all the properties of a great lip balm that I look for (non-sticky, goes on smoothly, minty, nice scent, very moisturizing), except for the non-taste attribute that is. This is going to be the first thing on my list of things to buy when Tony Moly opens a store in KL.

You can check out more information on Tony Moly's products at their website here.
My sister bought this for 5500won (approximately RM14.85).
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