Thursday, July 22, 2010

Serum De Rouge Luminous Colour Lip Treatment By Christian Dior

I am not a constant lipstick wearer because I am more of a balm and gloss person. One day while I was thumbing through a magazine, an advertisement on Christian Dior's Serum De Rouge Luminous Colour Lip Treatment caught my eyes. Maybe it was because the model's lips looked so perfectly moist with a subtle hint of colour. Information about the product on the advertisement was quite intriguing so I went on the net and looked it up at Dior's official website.

This is the description from the website itself:
'Dior creates the first Sérum de Rouge, elixir of youth with exquisite radiance. A sublime alliance of skincare and color benefits, the serum texture literally melts into the lips for absolute comfort and unbelievable sensory  pleasure at application. The formula, 10 times more concentrated in skincare ingredients (10 times more than our classical lip sticks), provides moisture, volume and smoothing benefits for your lips, immediately upon application, and day after day. The palette of elegant, vivid shades instantly illuminates the lips with youthfulness. A feminine high-precision pen design for impeccable treatment and color results. Direction of use: For optimal use, turn pen with a single click to obtain the perfect dose for ideal makeup results.'

Being a person who always believe in what she reads, I went to a Dior counter at Alamanda's Parkson with my sister to check the lipstick out. The sales assistant was very helpful and friendly in urging us to try almost every type of lipstick, lip gloss, make up and the lot on the tester counter. After much contemplating, testing and picking colours, we ended up buying a tube of the Serum De Rouge lipstick each plus Dior Addict Lip Maximizer (more on that later). After months had passed, my sister and I bought another tube each plus the Lip Maximizer again (we ran out of the gloss).

Here's what the tube of lipstick looks like (sorry I couldn't show you the box since I threw it out):

The casing is long and has that classy look to it. The material of the casing also doesn't feel plasticky and feels quite sturdy in my hand.

Uncapped tube.

To use the tube, you would have to twist the bottom of the tube counter clockwise to raise the lipstick upwards and vice versa.
Twisting the bottom of the tube to get the lipstick out

I usually need to twist counter clockwise once or twice to get the lipstick out.
Twisted out. Lipstick is ready to be used.

The texture of the lipstick is not heavy and it glides easily on my lips. It is actually creamy and does melts nicely. Plus, it doesn't have that heavy and sticky feeling most lipsticks have. The lipstick is indeed moisturizing and smoothens out my otherwise dry lips. It's almost like a light lip gloss with tint minus the ultra glossy shine that most lip gloss have. The colour of the lipstick is also quite sheer just how I like it. I usually pair it with the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer to get better looking result.

Here are the two colours that I bought:

The top one is 650: Peach Serum (but the colour looks a little bit darker and more like a warm pink) and the bottom one is 710: Beige Serum. I was hoping that the 510: Nude Serum would be marketed in Malaysia but up until now I still don't see the colour on any Dior counter anywhere.

Currently there are six shades sold in Malaysia which are:
- 840: Rose Pourpre/Crimson Serum
- 760: Rose Figue/Raspberry Serum
- 740: Bois De Rose/Rosewood Serum
- 730: Corail/Coral Serum
- 710: Beige Serum
- 640: Baby Rose/Sof Pink Serum

I think there are a few more colours but I don't remember the numbers.

My verdict: This is actually a very good lipstick to use because of the light texture, moisturizing and smoothing effect. Now if only the Nude colour would come in, maybe I'd just end up buying another tube! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Lip Scrub By Sarah Happ (Peppermint)

Exfoliating and scrubbing those dead skin cells off are one of those beauty routines that just can't be skipped. Most people will usually scrub their skin squeaky clean at least once a week but most also forget that the lips also need some of the scrubbing action to get rid of those dry flaky skin. I had been hunting around for a lip peel or lip exfoliator since my SkinFood Cocoa Lip Butter is finishing (which is my all time favourite lip peel but sadly it is discontinued), so I decided to try The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ (Peppermint).

The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ comes in six yummy flavours:
- almond creme
- peppermint
- vanilla bean
- brown sugar
- cinnamon sugar
- cocoa

The Lip Scrub costs $24. It's quite pricey but raving reviews about this products made me really really want to try it. Unfortunately it is not sold in Malaysia so I had to buy it via online and had to pay about RM130++ plus shipping. Ouch! 

It comes in a little brown box tied with a white ribbon. Very cute!
The cute little brown box

Inside the box is a small round container that holds the 30g sugar lip scrub.
 The 30g container

The ingredients of the lip scrub: sucrose, petrolatum, flavour, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil.

This is how the scrub looks like inside the round container

The directions on the box (and also on the container's label) says that you need to massage a generous amount of the sugar scrub onto your lips using a firm circular motion, wipe away with a tissue, and then wonder how you ever lived without it. Haha.. yes, the statement was printed on the box and label.
Scooping out a generous amount of scrub

This is how the scrub looks like spread onto my skin:

The texture of the scrub is quite coarse thanks to the granules of the sugar. Once applied on my lips I can actually taste the sweetness of the minty sugary paste (hence the peppermint). Yummy! I wonder what the other flavours taste like.. Massaging the sugar scrub is easy since the scrub is not dry and you can actually feel your lips getting softer while scrubbing thanks to the petrolatum, jojoba and grape seed oil. 

After you feel satisfied by the amount of time spent scrubbing your lips, you just wipe away the sugary mess off your lips. Voila! Your lips will feel softer and those dry flaky skin is gone. In my case, after wiping it off with a tissue, my lips definitely felt softer but I had to apply lip balm because it usually gets a bit dry after some time after scrubbing.

My verdict on this sugar lip scrub is that it is actually a good scrub for lips but some people might say that you can actually whip up your own sugar scrub at home on your own. That is absolutely true but hey, I am quite lazy so I just opted to buy the sugar lip scrub that comes in a cute little brown box. Hehe.. A repeat buy? I'd think about it if it's easily obtained in Malaysia. But I'd still miss my SkinFood Cocoa Lip Butter. Huhu.. Hope it will make a comeback..

Here's the link to the official Sara Happ website:

p/s There's also The Lip Slip by Sara Happ, which is a lip balm. Hmm.. quite interesting.. ;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tupai-Tupai Restaurant & Cafe, Bangi

It had been quite a long time since I dined at Tupai-Tupai Restaurant & Cafe, KL. I used to go there and have dinner with my parents and siblings quite frequently back then. Our favourite dishes were the lemon chicken, butter prawn and sweet & sour fish (there were also some other dishes that my father used to order but I don't quite remember them).

When I saw an add saying that Tupai-Tupai Restaurant had opened a branch in Bangi, I was quite happy and put the newly opened branch on my 'Places To Eat' list.

Today, my husband and I went to the restaurant for lunch together with my husbands' family. The place is quite spacious (I think the original place was a warehouse of some sort) and there are two storeys of tables and seatings for hungry patrons. The restaurant is divided into two sections: the left side of the restaurant is for menu-ordered dining, the right side of the restaurant is for people who wants to enjoy steamboat.

The place was not that packed and we opted to sit at the menu-ordering side of the restaurant. Tupai-Tupai Restaurant boasts of an extensive menu with a lot of variety for poultry, seafood and even individually fried dishes like fried rice/mee/meehoon/kuey teow.

For lunch, we ordered the restaurant's signature fish dish which was the Black Pepper Fish (Tupai-Tupai specialty), butter prawn, lemon chicken, veggie soup and fried beansprout accompanied by rice. For drinks we ordered lychee, longan, carrot and kiwi.

The butter prawn was nice and I like the taste of the egg strings that has a hint of sweetness to it. The size of the prawn was quite moderate. We ordered this dish in the medium size and the number of prawns were about 6-7 pieces.

The lemon chicken was heavenly just as I remembered eating at the KL branch. The lemon sauce was aplenty and the chicken was crispy and cut into small bite size portions. I even asked the waiter to tell the chef to put in extra lemon sauce to compliment the chicken fully. Yummy!

The Black Pepper Siakap Fish (Tupai-Tupai Specialty) was also very nicely cooked. The fish was cooked to perfection with the skin being crispy and the fish meat is soft. The gravy of this dish is made from coconut milk with a hint of black pepper plus other ingredients that I couldn't identify (I'm not a pro food taster, wish my sister was here so that she could identify what's in the gravy). It's not at all spicy but the taste is just right. The gravy is very well combined and is very delicious. My family would've enjoyed this dish, I am very sure of it.
The half-mauled delicious Black Pepper Siakap Fish (Tupai-Tupai Specialty)

The greens that we ordered were veggie soup and fried beansprout. The veggie soup came in a large bowl enough for six people. There a lot of greens, baby corn, cauliflower, carrots, mushroom and bits of chicken pieces in the soup. I didn't eat the soup actually since I was too busy concentrating on the prawn, chicken and fish (actually I am not a veggie person.. heh heh).
The almost empty bowl of veggie soup

I also didn't try the fried beansprout since I don't really like beansprout but here's a picture of what the dish looks like:
My mother would have loved the beansprout since she's a beansprout person. :)

The dining experience at this restaurant is nice and the service was quite fast. We didn't have to wait too long for the meal to arrive. The drinks came first and then followed by the dishes not too long after that. All in all, lunch was very satisfactory to my liking.

I did went there with my friends a few months back and that night we ordered some fried dishes for individuals and some fruit juices. The individually fried dishes wasn't that very nice (to my taste). I guess we should've ordered the served kind of main dishes and rice.

Would I come again? Definitely yes! And definitely I'll bug my family to come and eat here too! ;)

p/s: Pardon the shaky pictures.. my husband isn't that great in handling small handphone cameras.. ;p

Beautee 3D Mask Review - Green Apple Oily & Acne Mask

Facial mask is a must for beauty buffs everywhere. I don't really consider myself a beauty buff (maybe just a buff? ha! ha!) but I do sometimes use masks in my beauty routine (usually over the weekend). My sister and I decided that we'd like to try out masks from Beautee and end up purchasing quite a number of them. So this time around, I would like to do a review on Beautee 3D Mask.

Yup. I bought four masks (charcoal, green apple, green pea and gold powder) along with two soothing solution.

There are eleven types of Beautee 3D Mask:
Charcoal - For all skin type, specially for oily and purifying skin. Moisturizes skin, stimulate tissue regeneration and detoxifies skin to facilitate toxic elimination.

Coffee - For all skin type. Revitalizes and refreshing while restoring vitality of skin cells and moisturizes skin.

Gold Powder - For all skin type, except Hyper-Sensitive skin. Rejuvenate cell and skin suppleness and elasticity, helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and anti-aging. Gives you a smooth and fair complexion.

Green Apple - For oily and pimpled skin. Removes excess fat, revitalize blood, ease nerves, clear acne and lighten pigmentation. Desensitized irritant and soothes inflammation. Has antiseptic effect on acne and helps prevent further breakout.

Green Pea - For oily and acne skin. Purify and remove excessive oil formation within skin layer, reducing accumulation of sebum secretion (to prevent the clogging of skin pores) and provides sufficient moisture to skin.

Lily - For dry, dull and loose skin. Firming and reducing wrinkles. Drastically improves hydration and elasticity. Helps reduce the sign of aging and gives a healthy glow.

Lavender - For all skin type, specially for sensitive and irritated skin. Soothing, cooling, moisturizing effects soften and calming epidermis. Provide the skin softening, healing and anti-inflammatory. Builds a healthier, lighter and smoother relaxed skin.

Oat - For dull, dehydrated and loose skin. Restoring skin elasticity. Keeping skin soft and smooth.
Soybean - For all skin type, specially for pigmentation skin. Effective for eliminating pigmentation, freckles and black spots. Leaving skin fresh and healthy resulting in lightened and delicate skin.

Redbean - For sensitive, dry and irritated skin. Supplying moisture directly to the tissues. Being an excellent Hydrator and UV light absorber. Provides the skin softening, healing and anti-inflammatory. Give soothing effect to skin.

Vegefiber - For all skin type. Highly effective in removing dirt and impurities. Enables to penetrate deep into skin layer in cleansing away unwanted wastes and dead old skin cells which causes blockage of skin pores. Paving the functions of detoxifying and purifying.

These masks comes in the form of powder and have to be mixed either with Beautee Mask Solution or mineral water. You can actually use purified tap water but don't use water straight out from the tap because tap water contains chlorine.

There are three types of solutions offered by Beautee:
Lifting Solution - For dull, dehydrated and loose skin. Creates natural glow and healthy radiant for mature skin. Enhance mask to achieve smoothing and moisturizing effect.

Whitening Solution - For all skin type, specially for skin with pigmentation. Promotes fairer and whitening effect, fairer to skin. Enhance mask to achieve rejuvenate and combat skin pigmentation.

Soothing Solution - For all skin type, specially for sensitive and irritated skin. Normalizes the suppleness of skin, calms irritation and inflammation. Enhances the mask to achieve soothing effects of the skin.

Each package of mask costs RM7 and the solutions also costs RM7.

For my first time trying the mask, I opted to try the Green Apple mask since my face is having a breakout party time. To use the mask, you would have to mix 1 1/2 spoon of the powder with 2 1/2 spoon of the solution/mineral water/purified tap water. I wasn't sure of the size of the spoon needed so I used a Baskin Robins spoon since I deemed it as having the most ideal size (not too big and not too small).

Scooping out the powder

The soothing solution is a nice looking greenish liquid and is quite thick. The colour makes me think of kiwi or lime jelly.

So, now I am scooping out the solution onto the powder mask.
Scooping out the solution

Here's what the concoction looks like before the powder and the solution is mixed together:

Here's what the mask looks like after the powder and the solution had been mixed together:

The next step is to apply the mask evenly on the face. There are some bits and pieces of particles (herbs/apples? I am not really sure) in the mask.
 The almost evenly spread mask on my skin (can you see the bits and pieces of particles?)

This is how the mask looks like whilst it is half-drying on my skin:
The bits and pieces of particles are more evident now

The mask is supposed to be left to dry on your skin for about 20 minutes. But seeing that by the time my 20 minutes are almost up, the mask is still partially dry (I guess I put too much on my skin) so I let it sit for another 20 minutes. Peeling the mask off is not that difficult except for the parts where the mask was spread on thinly and over the borderline of my hair/eyebrows. Over those patches I had to scratch my face gently to get it out. As for the rest, the mask was quite easy to peel off.

After the mask is peeled off, the instruction says that we have to gently rinse our face with water. I'm not sure about the removing of excess fat part (as mentioned on the package) but my skin did felt clean and less irritated. After a few hours my skin did not get oily as it usually did on non-mask-wearing days. I guess it does control the oil secretion for a bit.

Is this a repeat buy for me? Well, I am not really sure because I am quite lazy when it comes to peeling off the mask after it has dried out. Maybe after I have finished all the other masks I might ponder upon the decision to buy or not to buy again.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Under 1 Roof Restaurant

A few months back my friend and I were stumped in choosing a place to have our lunch that day. After much time contemplating where we should go and have a bite, my friend suggested we go to a western restaurant in Sepang (which was about 30-45 minutes drive from our office). Since it was Friday and the lunch hour is longer, I agreed. The name of the restaurant is Under 1 Roof (U1R).

The restaurant was located in Jalan Gembira 1, Taman Desa Gembira, Pekan Salak, Sepang. The menu of the restaurant consists of a selection for Malaysian and western cuisine, pasta, pizza, steak and desserts.
The international flavours selection

As I am a light eater, I opted to order Tempura Chicken Dippers and my friend had Grilled Fish. For drinks we both had the chocolate milkshake.

The Tempura Chicken Dippers is basically chicken fillet dipped into tempura batter and deep fried. It is served with a dollop of honey mustard on the side and and a small tall tub of fries. Here's what the dish looks like:
Nicely presented Tempura Chicken Dippers with fries

The fried chicken were nice and crispy. One thing I like about chicken fillets is that I don't really have to worry about the not-so-well cooked and red-coloured chicken meat that I always seem to get when the meat is too near the bones. I like my chicken to be well cooked and tender. The chicken strips of this dish is shaped just like prawns. The fries were very delicious and have that original potato taste unlike the fries from most fast food outlets.

My friend ordered the grilled fish and here's how the dish looks like:

The fish was served with steamed vegetables on the side, a dollop of dip and the top was smeared with thick gravy. You can choose to add a dash of lemon squeeze to add a little zest to the fish. The taste of the fish was okay for me since I am not really a fish person. The fish was grilled nicely and didn't have that fishy smell or taste. The gravy complements the fish and goes well with the dipping sauce.

For drinks we both had chocolate milkshakes. My friend highly recommended this choice and she told me that this is the best milkshake she had ever drank. One sip of the chocolatey cooling goodness got me hooked. Honest to goodness it was the best chocolate milkshake I have ever tasted, no kidding! It tasted like sipping heavenly chocolate ice cream. Yummy!

For both dishes and the two chocolate milkshakes, the price of our lunch was RM35. Considering the helping of both dishes were quite large, I think the price was quite reasonable.

My verdict is that the dishes were okay for me and the presentation of the dishes are nicely done. Thehelping of the dishes were also large and if I were eating with my husband, we could share a dish and I'd still be stuffed. As for the taste of the food, I think I won't be bugging my husband to bring me there to eat though since I thought it was just as good as any other western restaurant at that price. But the chocolate milkshake is another story. I would definitely return to the restaurant just for the chocolate milkshake alone! You guys should try it. I don't think you can get the same type of drink for that kind of price in KL or Putrajaya. The drink is absolutely delicious. Cooling, refreshing and full of chocolatey goodness. Yum!

Beautee Cool Cream Cleanser Review

Cleansers are most important for everyday use to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other types of pollutants from the skin of the face. I actually had finished off my cleanser a few days back so I am currently in the hunt to find me a new cleanser. After being sucked into the 'Let's buy! Let's buy!' zone and hooked on the Beautee Ampoulees, my sister and I decided to try their Cool Cream Cleanser. This cleanser costs RM35 and bought via online (thanks to my online shopping enthusiast sister).

This cleanser comes in a 30ml pump bottle and is formulated in France (as mentioned on the bottle itself). It can be used as a cleanser or as a mask depending on how you use it. The description at the back of the bottle stated that 'This special cooling sensation cleanser can thoroughly clean skin and penetrates skin to soften dead cells and black heads. It also helps to soothe uncomfortable skin condition and reduce excessive sebum on skin'.

To use as a cleanser, you only have to apply the cleanser onto your face, massage gently and then rinse off.

To use as a mask, you have to apply the cleanser onto your face, massage gently if you want to and leave it on your skin. There are certain time limits that you have to follow depending on your skin type.
Normal to dry skin: 3-5 minutes
Oily and open pore skin: 10-15 minutes
Sensitive skin: 10-15 minutes
Pimpled skin: 15-30 minutes

The active ingredients of this cleanser (as stated at the back of the bottle): water, honeysuckle, root of red rooted salvia angelica and lavender.

The bottle is surprisingly small and compact but the size is just nice enough for me to hold firmly and pump the cleanser unto my palm.

The texture of the cleanser is somewhat like lotion and is white in colour. The smell of the substance is subtle and doesn't crowd into my nostrils. It smells of a light clean scent. For me it's important to use a nice and clean smelling cleanser so that it gives me a clean feeling while using it. To cover my whole face, the amount of cleanser I needed is in the size of 20 cents. Make sure you pump the exact amount that you need before applying the cleanser because I did the mistake of pumping out too little and realized that the amount of cleanser wasn't enough for my face so I had to push the pump with the base of my palms since my fingers were all sticky and smeared and I ended up making quite a mess. Huhu..

The cleanser is not a frothy type of cleanser. All I did was spread it onto my face and did a little massage and then leave it on my skin for 10-15 minutes. You can take a nap if you like while waiting for the time to pass.

Rinsing the cleanser off my face is the most fun part. Once water touched my skin I immediately felt a cooling sensation (just like the bottle said it would!) and it stays that way all the while I was rinsing the cleanser off. I really mean it. It was really cool and cold! Almost like ice water hitting your skin. Nice and refreshing. It can really be used as a wake-me-up cleanser in those sleepy and lazy mornings. The cooling sensation does not fade away for a few minutes after I had rinsed off my face. This is definitely going to be my pick-me-up things to use.

I have yet to see the effect of using this cleanser in a long run. I think this could be a repeat buy for me just for the cooling sensation alone. Thumbs up for this! :)

Additional info (added a week later):
I actually ran out of this cleanser after a week of using it. And the small opening of the bottle makes it quite hard to scoop out the remaining cleanser out. I guess using it everyday (once in the morning and once before bedtime) makes the bottle of cleanser finish off faster. For RM35 a week I guess it's kind of expensive to maintain.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mohd Chan Abdullah Chinese Muslim Restaurant

I really love to eat butter prawn and lemon chicken and am always on the hunt to find an eatery offering my favourite menu at a reasonable price. When my friend told me that there's a new restaurant (Mohd Chan Abdullah Restaurant) had opened in Bangi which offers those menus, I bugged my husband to take me there for lunch or dinner. We went there earlier this week during lunch hour and the place is actually packed with customers. Good sign perhaps? There's this western restaurant next to place we are going to but the place is quite empty since throngs of hungry patrons seems to be more attracted to eat at Mohd Chan's. Maybe I'll try to eat there some other time.

The restaurant is located in a shop lot (Jalan Medan Pusat 2C, Bandar Baru Bangi) with seatings available on the Ground Floor and 1st Floor. Since the GF was already fully seated, we opted to dine on the 1st Floor. The restaurant offers various of dishes, noodles sets, rice sets, dim sum, drinks and even dessert.

For our first time dining experience at Mohd Chan's, we opted for the obvious choice of dishes (of course!) that is butter prawn, lemon chicken and fish ball soup accompanied by white rice.

For drinks we had Kedondong Asam Boi and Chrysanthemum Tea.
Kedondong Asam Boi and ChrysanthemumTea

The drinks arrived first and we had to wait for a while for the dishes to be cooked. I actually liked the taste of the Kedondong Asam Boi because of the tanginess and sweetness that blends quite well with the sourness of the Asam Boi. The tea was also nice but it was a tad too sweet for my husband. After waiting for a while, our lunch arrived.

The Fish Ball Soup was nice. The taste of the soup is not too salty and the fish ball doesn't have that fishy smell or taste.
Fish Ball Soup

The butter prawn was also nice with lots of eggs strings but I'd expected it to be a little bit sweeter. I like the fact that the chef took the effort to clean the prawns prior cooking. I think my sisters would have enjoyed this dish just the way it is since I have a sweet tooth and they don't. Hehe.. Their loss. Or is it my loss?
Butter Prawn

The lemon chicken was quite a let down for me since the chicken wasn't cut into small pieces and there wasn't much lemon sauce. I would have liked it better if there was much more lemon sauce in the dish to fully complement the crispy chicken.
 Lemon Chicken

All in all, it was quite a nice dining experience and maybe I'll bring my family to have dinner here someday. Maybe next time I'll try the dimsum. It sure looked tempting and delicious to me.. :)

You can find information of the restaurant at their website:

Beautee Ampoules Review

An ampoule (also ampule or ampulla) is a small sealed vial which is used to contain and preserve a sample, usually a solid or liquid. Ampoules are commonly made of glass, although plastic ampoules do exist. (source: From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia).

Women will go to many lengths to be beautiful and ampoules are currently getting quite the rave and attention of beauty buffs. One of the brand that is currently being sold via online is Beautee Ampoules.

 There are quite a number of types of ampoules to choose from.
  1. Eye care - Reduce eyes puffiness and dark circles
  2. Firming - Lifting and firming for matured skin
  3. Hydrating - Replenishes moisture
  4. Open pore - Minimize open pore
  5. Purifying - For acne, pimples and oily skin
  6. Soothing - Prevent irritation and calm skin
  7. Vitamin C - For anti oxidant and radiant glow
  8. Whitening - Whitening effect for dark skin
  9. Collagen - For pre make up, moisturizing and promote glowing skin
  10. Clarifying - For stimulation of cell renewal and diminishes scars
  11. Bust - Lift sagging bust, improve blood circulation

To open the vial, you will have to break off the top with a tissue to avoid cutting your fingers with the shards of glass. Hold it firmly and pull the top of the glass towards you. Then you can pour a bit of the liquid unto the palm of your hand.

Once a vial had been opened, you will have to finish the concentrated liquid of goodness to ensure that you'll get the utmost benefit from the ampoules. As for me, I usually divide the usage of one vial to three usage. After I opened a vial and used 1/3 of the content, I would put the opened vial into an airtight container and put it in the fridge. Some people would advice for us to stuff the opening of the opened vial with a wad of cotton ball or tissue but as for me I just put in in the container then into the fridge and that's that. The vitamin C is the most concentrated ampoule (a bit yellowish in colour). Once you have opened the vial, you have to finish the liquid inside to ensure you'll get the utmost effect of the vitamin C. But I still divided the usage of the vitamin C ampoule same as the others. A little bit goes a looong way I'd say..hehe..

This is how the clear substance of the ampoule looks like (kind of looks like water but the texture is actually a bit more thicker):

Spread the ampoule liquid onto your face evenly. Then you can pat the liquid gently on your skin until it is fully absorbed.

I have been using the purifying, open pore and vitamin C ampoules for about a week. One vial of ampoules actually can last for about 3 usage. The purifying ampoules is a little bit thick and left my skin a bit oily after a few hours (can't really blame the ampoule though since my skin is very oily). The open pore ampoule is a little bit lighter and I like the feel of the substance on my skin since it didn't give me that oily feeling like other types of pore reducing products I've used. The vitamin C ampoule is one of my favourites. The texture of the liquid is smooth and easily absorbed by my skin. It didn't give me the oily effect and that is the most important thing for me. :) It made my skin felt smooth and healthy even after the first usage.

Well, for me this is a repeat buy since the ampoules didn't make my skin breakout and it did control a little bit of my oily skin. I'll be try the soothing ampoule next.

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