Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Lip Scrub By Sarah Happ (Peppermint)

Exfoliating and scrubbing those dead skin cells off are one of those beauty routines that just can't be skipped. Most people will usually scrub their skin squeaky clean at least once a week but most also forget that the lips also need some of the scrubbing action to get rid of those dry flaky skin. I had been hunting around for a lip peel or lip exfoliator since my SkinFood Cocoa Lip Butter is finishing (which is my all time favourite lip peel but sadly it is discontinued), so I decided to try The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ (Peppermint).

The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ comes in six yummy flavours:
- almond creme
- peppermint
- vanilla bean
- brown sugar
- cinnamon sugar
- cocoa

The Lip Scrub costs $24. It's quite pricey but raving reviews about this products made me really really want to try it. Unfortunately it is not sold in Malaysia so I had to buy it via online and had to pay about RM130++ plus shipping. Ouch! 

It comes in a little brown box tied with a white ribbon. Very cute!
The cute little brown box

Inside the box is a small round container that holds the 30g sugar lip scrub.
 The 30g container

The ingredients of the lip scrub: sucrose, petrolatum, flavour, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil.

This is how the scrub looks like inside the round container

The directions on the box (and also on the container's label) says that you need to massage a generous amount of the sugar scrub onto your lips using a firm circular motion, wipe away with a tissue, and then wonder how you ever lived without it. Haha.. yes, the statement was printed on the box and label.
Scooping out a generous amount of scrub

This is how the scrub looks like spread onto my skin:

The texture of the scrub is quite coarse thanks to the granules of the sugar. Once applied on my lips I can actually taste the sweetness of the minty sugary paste (hence the peppermint). Yummy! I wonder what the other flavours taste like.. Massaging the sugar scrub is easy since the scrub is not dry and you can actually feel your lips getting softer while scrubbing thanks to the petrolatum, jojoba and grape seed oil. 

After you feel satisfied by the amount of time spent scrubbing your lips, you just wipe away the sugary mess off your lips. Voila! Your lips will feel softer and those dry flaky skin is gone. In my case, after wiping it off with a tissue, my lips definitely felt softer but I had to apply lip balm because it usually gets a bit dry after some time after scrubbing.

My verdict on this sugar lip scrub is that it is actually a good scrub for lips but some people might say that you can actually whip up your own sugar scrub at home on your own. That is absolutely true but hey, I am quite lazy so I just opted to buy the sugar lip scrub that comes in a cute little brown box. Hehe.. A repeat buy? I'd think about it if it's easily obtained in Malaysia. But I'd still miss my SkinFood Cocoa Lip Butter. Huhu.. Hope it will make a comeback..

Here's the link to the official Sara Happ website:

p/s There's also The Lip Slip by Sara Happ, which is a lip balm. Hmm.. quite interesting.. ;)

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