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Ayudya Lulur Pengantin Body Scrub Review

Body scrub is one of the compulsory beauty routines that every woman has (and should never never never ever be skipped if you ask me!) I am a big fan of body scrubs because it's a great method to keep my skin healthy and clean through exfoliation. Over the weekend, I received a couple of body scrubs, body butter (read the review here!) and lotion (read the review here!) plus a request to do a review on those products from dear Jacqualine (thanks Jac!) who's retailing Ayudya Lulur Pengantin and Bali Ratih products in Malaysia. You can check out Jac's website here!

First off, I am going to do an honest, unpaid and unbiased review on the Ayudya Lulur Pengantin Body Scrub.

Ayudya Lulur Pengantin is a brand from Jakarta, Indonesia and has been around for almost 10 years. Some spas and beauty saloons in Malaysia do retail them and the scrubs are a favourite amongst brides to be (hence the name Lulur Pengantin which means Bridal Scrub!).

There are eight types of body scrubs from Ayudya that you can choose from:
  1. Mutiara (Pearl) - to soften and brighten skin like a pearl (this one is the best seller and comes highly recommended!).
  2. Bengkoang - for whitening and moisturizing (also one of the hot selling scrubs!).
  3. Herbal Spa - to heal body pimples, mosquito & insect bite-marks and rashes, great for polishing dull skin.
  4. Green Tea - calming, enhances mind concentration, prevention of skin infection and improves skin elasticity & firmness.
  5. Avocado + Vitamin E - anti-aging.
  6. Milk Bath (Mandi Susu) - to soften and moisten dry skin.
  7. Aromatherapy Spa - relaxes the mind and body, improves mind concentration and removes flaky skin and other impurities.
  8. Coffee Scrub + Lavender - has a de-stress effect, helps reduce cellulite & tiredness of joints, improves blood circulation.

These body scrubs comes in 300 gm refill packs, 1 kg refill packs, 150 gm jars and 300 gm jars.

For my reviewing purposes, Jac had supplied me with two 150 gm jars of body scrubs which are the Mutiara (Pearl) and the Bengkoang scrubs. The Mutiara scrub is said to be great for skin refining & whitening and skin will become softened and brightened like a pearl. It has seaweed extract plus vitamin E for anti-aging effects. It also contains the combination of squalene and olive oil to make your skin supple.

The ingredients printed on the jar label for Mutiara Body Scrub is: whitening milk, seaweed extract, olive oil, vitamin C & E, squalene, natural oils and minerals.

The other jar of scrub is the Bengkoang Body Scrub which is supposed to be great for body whitening especially areas like your neck, armpit, folds of your thigh and black nodes/spots on your skin. It also contains Vitamin E which is good for skin moisturization and protection.

The ingredients printed on the jar label for Bengkoang Body Scrub is: whitening milk, bengkoang extract, olive oil, vitamin C & E, natural oils and minerals.

The two jars of body scrubs: the left is Mutiara Scrub and the right is Bengkoang Scrub.

The jar is made of durable plastic with screw-on lids. An unopened jar is sealed safely and has to be twisted counter-clockwise to break the safety seal and open the jar.
The jar with the safety seal still intact.

The mouth of the jar is wide enough which makes it easy for me to scoop out the scrub paste. This is how the two opened jars looks like:
Two opened jars of body scrubs.

The colour of the Mutiara Scrub is off-white and the Bengkoang Scrub is purely white.
Can  you see the difference?

To use the scrub, you would have to take a shower/bath (shower for me!) and then pat yourself dry with a towel. Then, you can spread the scrub onto your dry/damp skin, then scrub the creamy scrub paste on your skin in circular motions until the creamy substance turns into dry particles that will drop off easily. The circular motion is very effective in helping the natural ingredients seep into your skin (no circular motion but more unorganized pattern of motion if I am in a hurry! Hehe!). Then you would have to rinse yourself clean with water (no need to use soap). It is advisable to use the scrub once in three days or once a week.

The texture of the Bengkoang scrub is creamy with fine granules in them:
 Oops! Scooped out a little bit too much!
The fine granules is almost invisible to the naked eyes.. (my naked eyes, I guess!).

The texture felt light against my skin and the lotion-like cream made it easier for me to spread the scrub all over my skin. This is what the paste looked like before I put my scrubbing action into gear:
Had to reduce the quantity of the too much portion scooped out for this scrubbing test on the back of my palm.

Here's what the scrub looked like after I started scrubbing in circular motion for about 10-15 seconds:

The scrubbing action took about 30 seconds to turn the fine granules and creamy substance into dry particles. 
 The creamy and fine-granuled texture had turned into dry particles. 
Can almost see a lighter patch of skin underneath.

The smell of the Bengkoang Scrub reminded me a lot of Lux Bar Soap (the white one) that I used to use when I was a little girl. The smell of the Mutiara Scrub is a little bit more subtle and has that light flowery note that I can't pinpoint (lavender plus some other sweet smelling flowers perhaps?). Both the scrubs have fine granules but the Mutiara Scrub has a slightly coarser granules in them. I can actually feel the difference between both scrub granules when I was doing the side to side scrub test with my arms.

The result: Soft and smooth skin. Love it! The scrub really made my skin felt supple and it left a nice subtle & soothing smell that lingers. Hmm.. nice!
Can't really tell from the picture but my skin did felt smooth and smelled nice after rinsing it with water.

My verdict: I find that both these Bridal Scrubs are great scrubs and can be used by everyone, not just for brides to be, including men! (I'm not a bride and I did enjoy using them!). They did make my skin felt smoother and clean after using them and the lingering smell is nice and subtle without being too overpowering. The best part is that these scrubs are highly affordable. I would definitely recommend these scrubs for those who want to try them out.

For more information or if you want to purchase these scrubs, you can visit Jac at her website.

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