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Crazy Rumors HibisKiss Lip Colour Review

I am not a constant lipstick wearer because I don't really like the obvious colours ending up being too red, too pink or too dark on me and the heavy & thick feeling that most lipsticks seem to leave on my lips. Because of that, I much prefer lip tints, sheer coloured gloss and lip balms.

Crazy Rumors (the company that sells vegan lip balms) also carry a line of lip tint under the name of HibisKiss Lip Colours.  These also got quite raving reviews on the internet by beauty buffs and naturally, it got me very interested, so I decided to try their lip tint (ordered together with the tube of lip balm in my last review).

The Crazy Rumors HibisKiss Lip Colours is said to have the same moisturizing benefits of their signature lip balm added with a kiss of all natural mineral colour and they are topped with enchantingly fragrant Natural Organic Hibiscus flavour. There are six shades to choose from which are:
- Tropical : rouge colour
- Coral : deep pink/cabaret colour
- Sunset : brick red/trinidad colour
- Sunrise : gold drop colour
- Pearl : light pink/petite orchid colour
- Breeze : lighter shade of rouge/sante fe colour

All the shades look so enticingly wearable so I kind of got stumped in choosing one, and in the end I bought two tubes in the shade of Pearl and Breeze.

The size of the HibisKiss Lip Colour tube is slightly smaller than Crazy Rumor's lip balm. Each tube weighs .09 oz (2.5 g). The label of the tube is very nicely printed and looked so cute just like their lip balms. The Crazy Rumors logo and the HibisKiss lettering is printed prominently on the label. Below that, the shade is printed in a smaller print. The colour of the label represent the colour of the lip tint inside the tube.
Size comparison between the tubes of HibisKiss Lip Colour and a tube of lip balm.
My two choices: Breeze and Pearl.

The tube of the lip colour was safely sealed with a conjoining seal attached to the label. Twisting the cap either to the right or left will break the safety seal and the cap can be pulled off.
The tube of lip colour with the safety seal still intact.

The ingredients printed on the label is: *Jojoba oil, *shea butter, *extra virgin olive oil, candelilla wax, soy wax, mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, *natural flavours, vitamin E, *carnauba wax, natural stevia & hibiscus flower. (* indicates organic ingredient).

This is how two tubes of freshly opened and untouched lip tints looked like:
Two newly opened and unused lip tints.

It is packaged in a clear plastic tube with a twister at the bottom.  The cap could be removed much easier than my Peppermint Twist lip balm's cap. Closing the cap will give a click sound. To use the lip tint, you'd have do some twisting action with the twisting mechanism at the bottom of the tube. I did encounter a bit of a problem when I extended the tube too much and it didn't really want to cooperate going back into the tube.
Twisting the lip tint out and then trying to get it back inside the tube.

The lip tint glided nicely over my lips and the texture is not heavy nor sticky like lipstick or gloss.  I found the texture of the lip tint to be a bit less moisturizing if compared to their lip balms. Wiping it off made my lips a bit dry. When I first smelled the lip tint, I didn't quit like it because it reminded me of heavily scented flowery balm (I really am not that into heavily scented flowery stuff). But the smell eventually grew on me and I was able to wear the balm without feeling the urgent need to wipe it off because of the smell. It smells kind of like berries fused with a hint of flower (hibiscus flower I think).

Once the cap had been removed, you can see that the colour of the lip tint is somewhat dual-toned and a bit shiny. Here's what both shades (plus one extra shade which I swatched from a tester tube) looked like on my skin:
Top: Coral, Middle: Breeze and Bottom: Pearl (more than one layer applied for each shade)

The Pearl shade is very sheer and almost hard to see. When I applied just one swatch over my lips, I wasn't able to see the shade at all (it is that sheer!). So I applied two or three layers to see the effect of the colour. Too much layers made my lips looked too pinkish/peachy. So I think it's better for me to just stick with one or two layers on my lips. It gave my lips a pale and subtle pinkish colour upon application but turned a little bit darker later when it had been absorbed into my lips.

The Breeze shade is more prominent and is somewhere between a lighter shade of rouge and  brownish red in a subtle way. One layer is enough for me to see the shade on my lips. Too  much layers will probably make the colour too prominent and looked brownish. Like the Pearl shade, the color turned a little darker after it had been absorbed.

The Coral shade looked like deep/warm pink. Applying one layer is enough for me to see a subtle nice sheer colour on my lips but just like the Breeze shade, too many layers would make the colour stand out too much for me.

Update: Here's a swatch for all six shades.

All of these lip tints have a little bit of tiny sparkles to them. I don't really like those sparkly little things in lip glosses, lipsticks or lip tints because they tend to stick to the skin and is quite hard to be removed. So I usually stay away from products that contain these sparkles.

My verdict: The Crazy Rumors Lip Colours are great for those who wants a little bit of colour to their lips. It also has that moisturizing benefits but not as much as the lip balm. For me, I really like the smooth gliding texture of the lip tint but I'd apply a lip balm before and after applying this lip tint to get that extra moisture to prevent my lips from becoming too dry. They didn't smell that bad either once I get used to it. Thumbs up from me on that point! ( ^ _ ^ ) The only downside for me is that they contain some sparkle bits in the texture which I don't like in any lip products that I put on my lips.

You can check out Crazy Rumors Lip Colors at their official website.
You can also go to this local website to purchase these lip tints in Malaysia.
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