Monday, August 9, 2010

My Lip Stuff Lip Balm Review

I was googling for information (as usual) on lip balms (yes, again!) and I came across the My Lip Stuff lip balm which got quite a lot of good reviews on the internet by beauty buffs. It got me interested, I felt that I definitely have to try it out.

My Lip Stuff (MLS) is created by Brea, a vegetarian who concocted her own natural recipe for the perfect lip balm using natural butter, oils and beeswax to moisturize dry lips. Her creation started out for personal use but it turned into a mini word of mouth business. She started to seriously think about setting up a full-fledged business to market her products after she had a bed-ridden pregnancy and had to deliver her baby boy prematurely 5 months into her pregnancy. Now, My Lip Stuff has become a thriving online store with the mission to create products that are skin, earth and animal friendly. The products are handmade in very small batches to ensure freshness.

My Lip Stuff actually have lip balms with over 500 flavours! I can imagine myself being dizzy just to pick a flavour to try! In the end, I decided not to be too adventurous and try a tube of MLS Shamrock Shake (Peppermint and Vanilla Ice Cream flavour). I purchased my MLS lip balm at My Lip Stuff Malaysia (thanks Cynthia!). Each tube costs RM12 excluding postage cost. Postage cost depends on your choice of delivery method either by PosEkspres (cheaper) or by PosLaju (higher price but more secured and faster). I chose to have mine posted by PosLaju, so the total that I had to pay was RM19 (RM12 + RM7).

I received my lip balm a few days later after confirming my order (really prompt and friendly service!) and I loved the fact that it came securely wrapped in bubble wrap.
My bubble wrapped lip balm.

The label is white with the brand printed prominently and followed by the flavour of the balm (you should not handle the tube with wet hands because it will cause the printing on the label to run). A tube contains .15 oz of balm.
See the flavour? Shamrock Shake is actually Peppermint and Vanilla Ice Cream.

The ingredients printed on the label is: sunflower oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, essential and/or flavour oil.

The tube is sealed and the cap had to be twisted to break the safety seal.
Safety seal still intact.

This is how the opened tube of lip balm looks like:
A newly opened and unused tube of lip balm.

The balm is in a usual bottom-twisting kind of tube found in almost every types of lip balms. The balm glides easily in and out of the tube according to how much twisting action you are making.
Twisting the balm out.

As promised and advertised, the balm glides very smoothly over my lips (I fell in love with the first glide!). It doesn't have that waxy feeling that is usually found in lip balms at all. The smell of peppermint and vanilla is obvious but not in a bad way. The smell blends very nicely and gave me a soothing and refreshing feeling. There is a bit of a tingly and minty feeling from the peppermint and the balm is quite tasteless. I would have loved it if it were sweetened with a little bit of stevia (blame it on my sweet tooth sickness!). The soothing smell and tingly sensation dissipates after about 30 minutes later. The balm leaves a nice sheen over my lips making them look wet and smooth.

Here's what the balm looks like on my skin. Looks like a wet patch doesn't it?

My verdict: I find that the balm is indeed very moisturizing and it lasts quite a long time without the need for reapplying. But I do reapply quite often just to smell the heavenly scent and feel the smoothness of the balm gliding over my lips. You should try it. It's really addictive! The sheen of wetness doesn't hurt either. This balm is going to be a favourite. I would definitely purchase this balm again!

Click here to go to My Lip Stuff official website.
Click here to purchase My Lip Stuff lip balms in Malaysia.

Update: I tried leaving the balm on my lips overnight and I woke up with nice and supple lips the next morning. Thumbs up!
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