Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crazy Rumors Lip Balm Review

My search for the perfect lip balm to use as an overnight lip treatment had resulted in this little obsession of looking up lip balms on the internet and then buying them! I've been dying to try Crazy Rumors' Lip Balms since I read a lot of raving reviews saying how great the product is.
Crazy Rumors Lip Balms are all natural, cruelty free (contains no animal derived ingredients) and vegan. They are made with organic ingredients and slightly sweetened with stevia. The packaging is also one of the factors that swayed me more into the 'I need to get this!' zone. They are oh so pretty!

Crazy Rumors offers quite a range of lip balms divided into eight groups of flavours which are:
- Soda Pop (Fizzy Soda Fountain Inspired Lip Balms)
- A La Mode (Decadent Ice Cream Inspired Lip Balms)
- Fresh Squeezed (Refreshing Citrus Inspired Lip Balms)
- Gumball (Classic Bubble Gum Inspired Lip Balms)
- Perk (Captivating Coffee Inspired Lip Balms)
- Brew (Rejuvenating Tea Inspired Lip Balms)
- Candy Cane (Festive Peppermint Infused Lip Balms)
- HibisKiss (Gorgeous Hibiscus Inspired Lip Colours)

After much contemplating and debating with myself, I narrowed down my choices to a lip balm and two lip colours for my first time trial (actually I was very tempted to try out more but had to restrain myself). The flavour that I chose for the lip balm is Peppermint Twist which falls under the Candy Cane category (I just love minty stuff especially the smell). The description of the flavour is 'cooling and refreshing lip tingling mint'.

My package arrived via PosLaju. The lip balm and lip colour tubes were securely wrapped in two layers of bubble wrap. I really appreciated the fact that the seller is kind enough to give that extra protection for the product they are selling.
My lip balm and lip colours have arrived!

I definitely love the packaging because they are really cute! The combination of the colours are very attractive to my eyes (I am really a sucker for cute packaging!).
My haul of the day!

Ok, now let's concentrate on the lip balm. As I mentioned earlier, I chose the Candy Cane's Peppermint Twist Lip Balm. The tube of the lip balm is made out of clear plastic and is almost the same size of My Lip Stuff's tube of lip balm. The tube weighs .15 oz. The Crazy Rumors logo and the group of flavour (Candy Cane) is printed prominently on the label. Below that, the flavour (Peppermint Twist) is printed in a smaller print. The label is packed with information but it is neatly arranged and cleverly designed.
The eye catching tube of balm.

The tube of the lip balm is safely sealed to retain freshness. To open, you would just have to twist the cap to the left or right to break the safety seal.
The tube of balm with the safety seal still intact.

The ingredients printed on the label is: Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, Soy Wax, Natural & Organic Flavours, Pure Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Organic Carnauba Wax & Natural Stevia.
Ingredients printed on the label.

This is how the tube of lip balm freshly opened looked like:
A newly opened and unused tube of lip balm.

The tube of the balm is just like any other lip balms which has the twisting mechanism at the bottom of the tube. The cap of the balm is quite tight and had to be pulled open with a little bit of strength (hey, I am not that strong!). The balm glides smoothly in and out of the tube and didn't encounter any problem going back in even after I extended half the balm stick out of the tube.
 Twisting the balm out.

Closing the cap will give you a loud satisfying click (a telltale sign that the balm is kept freshly inside).
Me trying to push the cap close. You really can't miss the click sound.

The lip balm glides smoothly over my lips but the texture felt a little bit thicker and creamier than MLS's lip balm. It doesn't have that waxy balm taste that can be found in most store bought lip balms. I did felt a subtle tingle of the mint after a few seconds of applying the balm but that goes away after some time. The cool minty feeling lasted quite longer though. The smell of sweet peppermint is obvious and it is quite pleasant and calming. The combination of the minty freshness and the sweet peppermint smell gave me a cool and refreshing feeling. Even my breath felt fresh! There is a little bit of sweetness to the taste of the balm and I find that very pleasing. The balm goes on clear and leaves a subtle shine to the lips.
The subtle shine of Crazy Rumor's lip balm. It goes on clear.

My verdict: The balm does indeed keep my lips moisturized for a few hours and most importantly it doesn't have that waxy taste or feel on my lips. The moisturizing effect of the balm lasts for a few hours (unless you eat or drink). The glide is satisfyingly smooth but not as smooth as MLS's lip balm and the latter has a little bit more moisturizing effect. But all in all, this is a good lip balm and is going to be one of my favourites. I'll definitely repurchase this again! They are soooo cute!

Click here to go Crazy Rumors official website.
Click here to purchase Crazy Rumors lip balms in Malaysia.

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