Thursday, November 4, 2010

Body Slimming Cream and Essence Review

Its the holiday season...and that means body makeover!!! As slimming centers are too expensive for my tiny pockets, I opt for slimming creams instead. I bought three types of slimming cream for comparison. They are Mustajab Ginger Cream Extra Hot, Beautee Chili Slimming Cream and ZA Wonder Shaper Body Shaping Essence.
Beautee Chilli comes in a round plastic container with a big opening which makes it easier to scoop the cream out. The cream is pink in colour and has the thickest consistency of the three. Mustajab cream comes in a plastic squeeze tube. The cream is pale pink in colour and has the consistencey of a baby lotion. ZA wonder shaper comes in a round, tall plastic squeeze bottle. The gel-like cream is green in colour and quite watery.
This is what it looks like when I apply the creams on my skin.
The Beautee chili cream has a spicy chili fragrance and my skin felt hot after applying it. To make sure the cream is totally absorbed, I applied plastics wrap after using the cream..all I can say is burn baby burn! Mustajab Cream has a very strong ginger fragrance (which will disappear after 2 minutes). After applying it my skin felt super cold even though the packaging says extra hot. I guess it'll depend on your own body type and skin. ZA Wonder Shaper has the most nicest fresh fragrance of all. After applying it, my skin felt some tingling sensation. All three cream has normal absorption rate and my skin felt not sticky after using it. I can quickly dress up and go! Verdict : I would repurchase the Beautee Chili Cream as I love the hot burning effect it has. I dont' mind the chilli fragrance as it tends to disappear after 5 minutes. All three creams will have some effect to tone up the body, provided that it's used regularly. Since i'm not that kinda gal..I have a long way to go...*sigh*
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