Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yves Rocher Lavande Essentielle Good-As-New Foot Scrub Review

Ever since I had tried Yves Rocher's Lavande Anti-Fatique Feet Massage Iced Gel, I was itching to try the rest of the Lavande Essentielle's line of feet pampering products. On a fine afternoon when I was window shopping, I saw that Yves Rocher is having a sale on the Lavande Essentielle line which is offering a trio of Good-As-New Foot Scrub with Pumice Stone, Super-Comfort Cream for Dry Feet and 12hr Deodorant Foot Cream. If bought individually, the foot scrub costs RM30, the foot cream RM32 and the deodorant foot cream RM45. The total of all three should be RM107 but I bought the trio for only RM70 which is way way cheaper!
The Lavande Essentielle trio of feet-pampering products.

For this post, I am going to do a review on the Lavande Essentielle Good-As-New Foot Scrub with Pumice Stone.

The Good-As-New foot scrub is made with essential oil of organic lavender and mixed with crushed pumice stone. It is an effective beauty treatment for dry, rough feet which will become smoother with regular exfoliation. All you have to to is apply on damp feet once or twice a week, the rinse with water.

The foot scrub comes in a see-trough plastic tube with a flip tab cap. The tube weighs 50 ml and can last for 6 months after it has been opened. I think the cap can be unscrewed but since I am a weakling, I could not twist it open. From the transparent body of the tube, you can see how much product is left inside. The logo of Lavande Essentielle and product name is printed directly onto the body of the tube. The back of the tube is printed with product information and list of ingredients.
Product info and ingredients list on the back of the tube.

List of ingredients: Glycerin, Aqua, Pumice, Lavandula Angustifolia Water, Pentylene Glycol, Cococaprylate/caprate, Prunis Armeniaca Seed Powder, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Cetearyl Alcohol, Parrfum, Linalool, Ceteareth-33, Xanthan Gum, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Allantoin, Tetrasodium Edta.

The opening of the cap is small but just enough to get the foot scrub out of the tube.

The foot scrub has a lotion like texture and is actually colourless. The mixture of the pumice stone is the culprit of giving the foot scrub a muddy colour. Upon application, the foot scrub felt cool against my feet but it goes away while scrubbing and the pumice stone felt very coarse which gives a nice scrubbing effect on rough skin. I find that the essential oil that binds the pumice stone together gets absorbed into the skin while I was scrubbing my feet making them feel softer. Since the scrubbing particles is made from crushed pumice stone, they do not melt and lasts while I was scrubbing my feet. The foot scrub rinses off easily with water leaving my skin baby smooth. It did not slough off the thick and hardened patches on the balls of my feet as well as my very dry heels though but I guess with time and regular use, it will help to soften them.

Here's what a dollop of foot scrub looks like:

Here's what the foot scrub looks like scrubbed against my skin:

The foot scrub smells quite strongly of lavender mixed with some essential oils I could not detect. But the scent is really pungent if smelled directly. Lucky it is for the feet which is way far from my nose. After it had been rinsed off, the pungent scent turned subtler which is more tolerable.

My verdict: I really liked the Good-As-New Foot Scrub which left my feet very smooth and soft. I love the fact that the essential oils help soften my feet plus the coarse pumice stone really does help smoothen my skin leaving them baby smooth. The only problem I had with this product is the smell. I would have loved it even more if it smelled more sweetly or minty lavender which could help sooth my senses as I scrub. i would definitely purchase this again once I run out.

You can check out Good-As-New Foot Scrub with Pumice Stone at Yves Rochers' official website.
You can purchase the foot scrub at any Yves Rocher's outlet for RM30 individually or as a part of Foot Care Trio for RM70.
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