Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cafe Ritazza @ Klia Review

Last month my husband and I, together with my eldest brother went to KLIA to send our sister off for her 10 days course in Korea. Her flight was scheduled to take off at about 9 pm so we were there by 7.30 pm to check her in. After all that halu-balu of checking in was done and my sister got together with her fellow course mates, my brother suggested we have our dinner at Cafe Ritazza which is just on the same level as the departure hall.

Cafe Ritazza @ KLIA.

Cafe Ritazza is just a small shop lot at the corner opposite from the Time Traveller's book shop. It offers various dishes and also some pastries options. My brother swore by their Tuna Metlz which was sold out when we were there. I just love carbonara so I ordered one Fettuccine with Carbonara to share with my husband and my brother also ordered the same dish. He added a plate of Lamb Shank and two choices of pastries (Beef Feuillete and Chicken Cheese Croissant). For drinks I ordered Iced Chocolate while my husband just had some mineral water and my brother ordered Hot Chocolate.

The seating arrangement was quaint and simple. We did not have to wait too long for the drinks to arrive. They came together with the pastries for appetizers. The chocolate drinks were okay but nothing to shout about. The pastries were nice and puffy but I thought the the Beef Feuillete was a little bit salty. Can't say much about the Chicken Cheese Croissant because cheese is meant to be salty. Hehe..
The drinks.
The pastries.

The Fettuccine came a few minutes later together with the Lamb Shank. The Fettuccine is basically fettuccine served with carbonara sauce and some chicken ham strips garnished with some carrots and chopped oregano. It tasted creamy with just enough of seasoning to taste. I find it difficult for me to enjoy most carbonara based spaghetti dishes mainly because of either the lack of taste or too much salt but I found this dish has a nicely balance of the creaminess and the slightly sweet and salty taste to the carbonara. Yummy!
Yummy Fettuccine Carbonara.

The Lamb Shank is a dish of grilled lamb shank served over mashed potatoes with salad  topped with thousand island dressing on the side. The lamb shank was generously drizzled (actually poured) with BBQ gravy. The lamb meat was cooked perfectly and it was very tender. It tasted quite salty when mixed with the gravy though. The mash potatoes (hidden underneath the lamb shank) was creamy and goes nicely when eaten together with the lamb meat and the salad. I didn't really enjoy the dish since I am not a big lamb eater but my brother and my husband liked the dish.
Lamb Shank.

The total of our dinner for that night was a whopping RM120.50! Good thing my brother was paying.. hehe!
The receipt.

Dining experience at Cafe Ritazza @ KLIA was very nice and the atmosphere was very relaxed as if time slowed down while everyone else was bustling through the airport. I might go back there if I am in KLIA to have the Fettucine Carbonara again and I want to try the Tuna Meltz that my brother raved about.

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