Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Ice Room Review

A couple of weekends back, I went to Bangi with my husband to try out The Ice Room. The place was packed with customers having ice creams or plates of a la carte dishes. We were lucky to get a table on the terrace since a couple of ladies got up just as we walked by after scouting inside of the cafe with no luck.

The Ice Room, Bangi.

After a few minutes of waiting, a waiter finally came and gave us a menu. Since we were not very hungry and I just wanted some dessert, we opted to try out their ice cream. I was indecisive since all of their ice cream looked yummy and very tempting. My husband wanted to try the Tropical Mixed Fruit Snow Ice and I opted to try the Strawberry Snow Ice. The waiter took our orders and we waited and observed everyone around us having a merry time mostly eating ice cream. 
 Hubby's choice: No. 1018 - Tropical Mixed Fruit Snow Ice.
My choice: No. 1005 - Strawberry Snow Ice.

The waiter came back and told us that the Tropical Mixed Fruit Snow Ice is unavailable since there is a shortage of mango in the cafe, so my husband had to change his order to something else. He perused the menu for a while and finally decided on the Nut Case Peanut Snow Ice.
Hubby's secondary choice: No. 1004 - Nut Case Peanut Snow Ice.

The ice cream dishes came about 10 minutes later. The ice cream dishes were quite large and the ice cream were piled up into a small hill (reminded me of Air Batu Campur), so for someone with small stomach capacity, I had a feeling it's going to be a little bit difficult for me to finish off one dish in one sitting without any help.

The Strawberry Snow Ice is basically strawberry ice cream topped with corn seeds, Koko Krunch (what?) and strawberry sauce with basil seeds. Yup I was quite perplexed about the Koko Krunch bit too. The texture of the ice cream was very soft and creamy. The ice cream had this shaved and layered texture to it. The strawberry ice cream tasted well, like strawberry and it is really light and fluffy. It was a bit sweet and not too sour. The corn seeds and the Koko Krunch bits really did not go well with the ice cream for me and I felt that the combination of the toppings were kind of weird. But I did enjoy the creamy ice cream.
My Strawberry Snow Ice.  It's HUGE!
The special shaved and layered texture of the ice cream.

When compared to the picture of the ice cream in the menu, I was expecting fresh strawberries to be heaped on the ice cream generously. Boy, was I ever wrong! There were no strawberry fruits freshly cut and toppled onto the ice cream. I did find a kind of shriveled up piece of strawberry deep inside the ice cream though. Talk about false advertising..
This was the only strawberry I found.

The Nut Case Peanut Snow Ice on the other hand was surprisingly very nice. I usually avoid nut based ice cream but this one is really yummy. It is basically a creamy nut flavoured ice cream. It was topped with a generous amount of crushed nuts and some raisins. It also had the same shaved layered texture like the strawberry ice cream. The taste of the nutty ice cream was really nice and creamy. It was not overly sweet and the creamy taste of the nut goes very well with the topping. We could eat this ice cream without feeling too sick from too much sweetness.
Hubby's Nut Case Ice Cream.
Creamy shaved layered ice cream. Yum!

All in all, the experience of dining at The Ice Room for ice cream ended with mixed feeling. The unique shaved and layered texture of both ice creams were very nice. The creaminess of the ice cream were very stasifying. We could tell that the ice cream produced here is of high standard because it does not melt easily even when served outside on the terrace. The only downside is that the ice cream served did not meet up to the picture of the menu and the combination of the strawberry ice cream was quite off for me. Maybe next time we could try some other flavours. 

You can find The Ice Room @ Bangi here:
Bandar Baru Bangi
No 45, Jalan Medan Pusat 2D,
43650, Bandar Baru Bangi,
Negeri Selangor
Tel ; 03-89271501,0389269986

You can also go to their Facebook page at:
The Ice Room Facebook Page
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