Sunday, November 7, 2010

Signature Club A Hyaluronic Acid Lip Line Peel Review

While googling for information (my daily routine!) on lip peeling products, I stumbled upon Signature Club A Hyaluronic Acid Lip Line Peel on eBay. Since my hunt for a lip peel product replacement is still going on strong, I decided to give this one a try.

The SCA Lip Peel is said to contain Imperial C Complex that helps peel dead, dry skin that makes vertical lines and other mouth area lines look more prominent. It also helps reduce lipstick feathering and smoothens dry, rough and dehydrated lips. The lip peel promises to leave skin looking and feeling soft, smooth and younger looking.

The Signature Club Hyaluronic Targeted Zone Lip Line Peel.

The SCA Lip Peel comes in an opaque plastic jar with a black screw on lid. An unopened jar is safely sealed with a plastic covering. The labeling is simple and printed in black directly onto the body of the jar. The back of the jar is printed with product information and usage directions. There is no list of ingredients.
 Product information and usage directions.
 Safety seal still intact.

The jar opens with a counter clockwise twist revealing a plastic cover underneath it. The plastic cover is put there to prevent the lip peel paste from drying. Peeling off the cover reveals the whitish paste inside.
A plastic covering underneath the lid.
Whipped and thick white paste.

The texture of the lip peel is like a very thick whipped cream paste. It has a slight sweet lemony scent. It does not have any granules in the paste to slough off dead skin cells. Because of the thick consistency, the paste goes on lips without any worry of dripping. I felt a little sting over where the paste is applied and scrubbed on my lips. The paste of the lip peel dries off fairly quickly as I scrub. It is better to use this over a sink because as I scrub dried white particles drops off from my lips.
The thick creamy paste scooped out with my finger.

This is how the paste looks like swiped onto the back of my hand:

This is how the paste looks like after it had been spread and scrubbed. The particles of dry paste forms as I scrub the patse against my skin.

My verdict: After rinsing off the residue of the lip peel, my lips felt smooth and soft but vertical lines are still visible. After about 20 minutes later, my lips got dry but still stayed soft so I think it's better to slab on some lip balm after using this product. I found that the lip peel do peel off some dry skin off my lips but the product itself is a bit drying.  This is definitely a one time buy for me.

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