Friday, November 5, 2010

Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick Review

I am always a fan of sheer colored lip products. One day, a good friend of mine recommended I try the Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in the shade of Crystal Baby. I tried the color on my lips and I was immediately sold! I got mine at an Estee Lauder cosmetic counter at Parkson. I don't remember the price though for I bought early this year. I think it was about RM80 or RM89.

The Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick's is described as sheer coloured lipstick with daring shine giving a super shine finish. It contains prismatic crystal effects create a dazzling brilliance and dimension. The lipstick is delicately fragranced with a delectable fresh fig scent.

The lipstick comes in a square box in dark blue with a small window to show the colour of the lipstick inside. The tube of lipstick is neatly designed with a clear plastic twister at the bottom and the lipstick concealed under a long gold cap. 
The Estee Lauder lipstick - in Crystal Baby.
Pulling off the cap.

The clear bottom of the tube indicates the colour of the lipstick (I guess it is for easy viewing purposes) and it is also the twister mechanism used to twist the lipstick in and out.
Twisting the lipstick out.

From the lipstick tube, the colour looked intensely pink. When applied, the color goes on very sheer and looked very natural. It glides on very smoothly and does not feel sticky or waxy. I like the fact that the lipstick did not dry my lips. The fig smell is not really pleasant though but it is not too strong so it is still tolerable to my nose.

 Here's a swatch of the Crystal Baby Lipstick.
Very pretty and natural looking shade of pink.

My verdict: I really like the colour of this lipstick as it gives a nice natural pinkish tint to the lips, plus the glide is also smooth and there is no sticky feeling left on my lips. Would I repurchase? Yup, definitely when all my lipstick stash is finished.

Where to purchase this: At any Estee Lauder cosmetic counters in Parkson.

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